Anyone gone through this...what happened?

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  1. So my regulsr OB's receptionist called me the day after my ultrasound last week and told me they wanted me to go to the ultrasound office downtown because they had better equipment and the ultrasound tech didn't get good enough pics. Well, we had gone in to see if the previa had resolved so I assumed they wanted to get a better look to make sure, even though the tech told us it had moved. Well, we went in today and I was fine when they did the first ultrasound. They told us to go wait in the lobby while the doc looked them over and then he would come talk to us. Before he came out they called us back again to do another one because there were some other things he wanted to see. This scared us both and now we thought this isn't just about placenta previa. The doc calls us back about 15 minutes later and said, "What did your doctor tell you was going on". We said he had only told us about the previa. This doctor told us they were worried about the growth of the baby and that the placenta was not working as good as it should. Her growth is right above the 10% mark which is could be worse but still. Anyways, now I have to go downtown every week so they can monitor. Best case scenario is it gets better and I go into labor regurlarly. If it doesn't get better, or if it gets worse they will have to do a c-section early, worse case is stillbirth but they said I am, compared to everyone who has, on the mild side. I am angry that our doctor didn't tell us what was going on, I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head when they wanted to do the 2nd ultrasound. Anyways, need all your prayers for this baby to be OK. Thanks and sorry so long.
  2. i am so sorry! and no i haven't had to go through that, but im sure my stomach would have been in knots and i would be so nervous. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and i hope that all is well with your little princess. :hugs:
  3. You and your baby are in my prayers!

    I understand your frustration. When I was early on my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler and left me and my SO in the room for over 20 minutes worried to death before he came back and said "oh just so you know theres nothing to worry about". I was SO mad! He still leaves me in the dark about a lot and it bothers me, but I am too lazy to find another doc.
  4. I am so sorry you're going through this. You will be in my thoughts.
  5. So sorry to hear about this. Your doc probably didn't tell you because they try not to cause needless worry until things are confirmed. Imagine how much you would have worried if your doc had given you more info at your first US. Sometimes, things are just better off left unsaid until further review. I hope everything works out for you and the baby.
  6. This was my initial thought, too. While you were obviously worried about the "what-ifs," your doctor may have figured that you'd be VERY worried about what they were looking into. Better to see whether there's really an issue or not.

    I had a much less serious situation in that a fibroid was detected on my first ultrasound. I was scheduled for another ultrasound to look into it (they aren't performed by my doctor or in their office) and had to wait a week to find out more. Now, had my doctor told me all the concerns that could happen with a fibroid (especially if it was a big one) then I would have been worried sick. But she said, "Let's not worry right now, let's get a better look and see what we're really dealing with first."

    I'm sorry you're going through this... I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Please keep us updated.
  7. First of all...I would call your Dr and demand a better explanation.If they suspect something is very wrong,they dont want to worry u prematurely but sometimes its simply all about a CRAPPY ultrasound machine and or technician.
    So talk to your DR..DEMAND a better explanation..i feel u arent getting the full story!!!
    Hopefully,its a FALSE scare.To make u feel better.I lost the END of my pregnancy and they told me i couldnt carry a baby anymore.
    well....after a tough pregnancy...I have the most AMAZING daughter who is now almost 14 and is a GENIUS!LOL!So DONT panic till u KNOW something.
    They told me i couldnt carry a baby and i DID...a very normal one at that.
    Doctors work alot on guesswork...sometimes its not so cut and dry.
    It could very well be a crappy ultrasound machine and they need a better view on another please dont freak out...Ill be thinking of u!!!!Let us know how it goes!
  8. I had a very similar experience but mine was discovered around 30 weeks. At my 20 week US everything was perfect. I had to go for non-stress tests and ultrasound twice a week until I delivered via emergency c-section at 33.5 weeks. As you are already past that mark, I wouldn't worry- by 34 weeks the lungs are good to go and you might just have a small baby at birth. Our little guy was under 3 pounds when he was born, less than the third percentile, severely underweight, and was in the NICU for several weeks. Now he's ahead of all of his milestones and gaining weight like crazy. My placenta just didn't grow big enough, that was the cause of everything. Your chances of everything working out in your favour whether by c-section or natural delivery are extremely high at this point. Sending good vibes your way :smile:!
  9. Hi there, just wanted to send happy thoughts your way- sounds like your previa has moved too? I hope that is the case, and I bet part of the reason you had to have another U/S was because your placenta was still partly in the way. I had a placenta previa for my last pregnancy (baby is 5 months now) and I don't have ANY good pictures of her from before she was born, and I had to have a ton of hour long U/S since they were having trouble getting a good view of her.

    Crossing my fingers for you that it's really nothing and the doctors are worried for no reason.
  10. Thanks for all the well wishes ladies. We have our next appoinment on Tuesday so I will let you know how it goes.

    Stylefly, so glad your guy is doing better! Thanks for sharing, that makes me feel better.:smile:
  11. Update: Hannah is 5lbs 11oz as of today (March 10th) which is about a week and a half smaller than what she should be but no bigge! Now that I know she is over 5 lbs and is looking good and practicing breathing I am ready, REALLY ready.
  12. Thats awesome news! :smile:
  13. Fantastic news- congrats!
  14. Great news! Glad to hear she is doing well.
  15. So great to hear!