Anyone Gone Through a Bag Overhaul?

  1. Is it just me or does looking at all the various bags on this forum tempt you to the point that you feel like or have overhauled your collection.

    I think I am going through this at the moment, balenciaga is growing on me (yes I'm a bit slow on that one), my new mini gaucho is coming plus various bags that you tend to pick up because they are a bargain or you just gotta have it then rarely ever use it :blush:

    I never thought I would say this but my mini crystal lady dior may even get the chop :shocked:

  2. aaaw u cant say that about your lady dior she is too ad(i)orable ! ;)

    on a serious note, i do agree with you ...even though i loved bags before i joined the forum , my collection would have never been so big if it wasnt for PF..i feel your whole thinking process changes once u join here...i do not regret though and even though i have weeks where i would only carry one of my bags and the rest just sits and sulks in the closet i know that come the time i will be delighted to swap for another one even though she didnt get much use before..

    i think this also has to do with the fact that there are so many seasons to catch up with as in balenciaga for example..and it might seem a lot because you buy items from different seasons..but once you get what you wanted it slows down - at least for me - i have only one more Dior i want now, one more balenciaga and 2 chanels and then i will be complete ...only picking up one or two from current/future seasons that i like...hmm do i make any sense at all ? :nuts:
  3. I know but she just sits there although I do like looking at her.

    There are just so many bags all over this forum that I probably would never have considered before.

    I think I would be happy with one balenciaga either a first or the shoulder but then again judging by the balenciaga forum it is hard to stop at one. The collections are amazing.

    I just hope that I can show restraint though doubtful especially if there is a really good bargain on eBay :nuts:

    Like recently the fendi vanity is something I always wanted and I saw one on eBay for a great price and grabbed it but I haven't used it once since getting it, I knew it wasn't practical but couldn't help myself.

    Did you say Chanel, metallic reissue :drool:, god it never ends :crybaby:

  4. most of mine sit in the closet but i just love taking them out and staring at them !

    dont even talk to me i just wanted one pale rose balenciaga city and i ended up with 7 of them mostly weekenders...fendi vanity i have been restraining myself so far but i :heart: this bag its so unusual!

    chanel not even thinking about flaps cos it would be a road without end, now i just want a black reporter with white logo and a cabas (white baby or vinyl black large...) ... maybe i should just ask Vlad to ban me from this forum...and ebay to ban me from ebay ...:sweatdrop:
  5. :roflmfao:

    Oh geez so it will be a case of here we go again with the balenciaga.

    I have read your a big bag girl so you probably wanna give the vanity a miss, you might get your purse and a cell/mobile phone in there :sad:, they are smaller than I thought they would be.

    An ebay ban would certainly save a heap of money, sounds good :yes: