Anyone Going to Trunk Show at NM Chicago ...

  1. next Friday ???

    I think I might take off work and take the train there ...
    sure hope all this snow melts! :yucky:
  2. I'm trying to figure out if I can go. I hate to leave town if my DH is out of town. I have young kids in school and Chicago is 2 hours away. I won't know his schedule until next week. Where are you coming from? I'm just west of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

  3. I'm not too far at all! about an hour on the train and it lets me out right on Michigan and Randolph ... not a bad walk if it isn't frigid out :p

    One of the girls I work with is going on vacation tho so not sure if I can get off too - wish they had it on a Saturday!
  4. AWE! Wish I could come..LOL..I love that store.....but NOT the weather there!!HEHEHE!

  5. weather = :yucky:

    Michigan Ave (and Oak St) is like the ONLY perk to living here :p
  6. <being a meanie tease here

    train, schmain! :idea: take a cheap flight and come down to 85 degree Boca Raton! NM trunk show tomorrow and Friday!!!!! I will go for a little while, and then offer to babysit kids!
  7. queenvictoria,

    Hello to my fellow PF sister in the Windy City! Urgh, I WOULD go, but I DESPISE the two salesmen that are always in the NM boutique. They're by far the rudest sales people I've ever met! Do you happen to work with them/know their names?

    I always go to the Chanel boutique because I can't stand their attitude!
  8. What exactly is it and what do you do there? :shrugs: :smile:
  9. I know just about everyone at the NM in Chicago on Mich. Ave. Are you talking about one who's name starts with "C" and the other is "M"? Not sure if I can post names here.

  10. LOL! I thought it was just me! yep C and M

  11. OH! you are so WRONG! :lol:
    there is a heat wave here today tho ... 13 degrees ABOVE Zero - woohoo!
  12. Oops, sorry! We probably shouldn't post names. But I'm glad you know who I am talking about. I worry whenever I go in there that I'm going to end up giving one or the other (urgh, does one of them have a PONY-TAIL?!) a piece of my mind! Too bad I'm a lady. ;)

  13. yep! LOL!

    when I was looking for the Chanel Kelly, I went there and they had a small one and I asked him to check the system for the Large ... he said it would be a few minutes so my DD and I walked around by the perfume and sunglasses for a few minutes and went back and he had GONE ON BREAK, so we waited and when he finally came back he said None Available in any NM ...
    of course I come home and call around and find one myself!!! errggghhh!!
  14. Yep!! I actually get along with M pretty well. He can have a funny sense of humor once you get to know him. I am a pretty much "what you see is what you get" kind of person and after talking to him a few times I think he knows he can let his guard down. He has actually rolled his eyes at some of the bags in there. Probably not a good practice with customers but I love to dish and ***** with him about the goods when nobody else is around. He actually scored my Large Black Modern Chain Tote for me when there were none to be found so he's definitely on my good side.

    There is another younger man that works during the day who is pretty nice also. By younger I mean 20's. He is fun and not too stiff.
  15. queenvictoria and maxter! You gals are so great... maybe we'll bump into each other sometime when we're all downtown. ;) I'll just start asking everyone I meet with a Chanel bag: "Excuse me, are you known as 'QueenVictoria' on Purse Forum?"