Anyone Going to to the Olympics - please help!

  1. Is anyone going to London for the Olympics? I just decided on it last night - everything is booked. Now I just need to get tickets to some events but it's not easy. When I was in Heathrow last year, most people we chatted with said that they were going to leave London to avoid the Olympics - is this the sentiment? This is my dream to seem the games.
  2. How exciting! You are going to love it!
    Also have heard the 'locals' like to leave town when the games arrive. They don't know what they are missing.

    Went to the 84 summer games in LA. (Many on here probably weren't even born!) Like you, made my arrangements almost last minute. Bought our tickets through scalpers at the events & had wonderful seats. We way over paid but la dee da what an experience! Went to most of the finals. I've been many places around the world & this trip is in my top 5. I'm still friends with the gal I went with & we still talk about the trip. 28 years ago! Her DH always says ' Hey VLL, remember our trip to the Olympics! Oh wait I didn't get to go.' lol

    Have a great time!
  3. British Airways has a great business class sale on right now (in case you haven't booked flights).

    As for tickets....I would imagine you could do the scalper route. Or maybe the UK equivalent of Craigslist, but I would be worried about frauds.
  4. The LA Games are the reason I became obsessed with the Olympics. I was very young but so moved by the performance of the US team. I'll never forget Mary Lou! I missed atlanta and salt lake city because I was still in college. It took me 28 years, but I'm finally getting the games.
  5. Dang - already booked, but it's a direct right out of the Queen City! My fingers are crossed for an upgrade - my companion is Chairmen class so we shall see!
  6. Most of the tickets are already sold (there was a clamour for them when released). Not sure about folk coming from overseas tho..might still be able to get some but would be for early rounds events rather than finals etc...example, football tickets in Glasgow still available but up in Scotland. Beware touts as you would not get into the games with a fake ticket. There will also be other festivals no doubt for those who couldn't get tickets so could see what's on.
  7. The tickets usually sell out early. Many scalpers or ticket brokers buy them up & then sell at a profit. At that time & in LA they were everywhere. For every event. Think it depends on the cities laws on how freely they are available. Does London have an anti scalpers law? OP - even if you can't find tickets, just to be there is an experience.

    When we heard the prices they were going for, we'd choke & just say well we knew they'd be high since we didn't plan. Just pretend its not real money. lol The experience was what we remember, not so much the prices. We figured this was a once in a lifetime event for us since it doesn't come to the US often.

    28 years ago we didn't worry about phony tickets but that is a concern today. Read up on what they look like, they might have holographs or some kind of security measures on them.
  8. I've been to two Olympics, most recently in Turin Italy.
    We didn't see as many scalpers as there are at sporting events here in the states.

    And this was before 9/11, so I would guess security is even tighter, and scalpers will be hard to find.

    I would do everything I can do to find them before I arrive via a ticket broker.

    I bet if you google London Olympics tickets, you'll come up with one.
  9. if you're willing to pay quite a bit, you can still get individual tickets for some events. almost all of the really good events are sold out though. you can easily get tickets for volleyball, judo, etc. if you just want to go see something and are not too particular about what sport you actually see. those tickets are only a little over $200 per person. if you need tickets and hotel accommodations, look into purchasing a package- i believe you can get tickets to some of the better events that way too.

    DH and i have tickets to some football matches, including the bronze medal match. we were going to buy gymnastics tickets but decided $600+ per person may not be worth it. and it gives us an excuse to go to the games in rio lol.

    i wouldn't go the scalper route but maybe check eBay or gumtree (be very cautious of scammers though).
  10. Have a great time!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  11. I got tickets to the gold medal match of women's soccer!
  12. Cool!

    Really all the events are worth it. These people are the best players in the world at their particular sports. We went to of events that we weren't crazy about at first. All were medal event as we went toward the end.

    Mens gold medal volleyball we weren't that excited about. That ended up being the best. (We sat in about 3 rows in front of Tom Selleck. We paid dearly for these seats.) I've never seen volleyball played that way -It was so exciting! The arena was relatively small so we could see everything. We were in the 3rd row right in the middle of the net. US beat Brazil.
    I loved the gold medal events, really getting a lot of bang for the money.
  13. x

    Congrats. Have fun and report back when u get home. :smile:
  14. I'm bumping this in case anyone in London has advice since the festivities have started! I leave Tuesday! I got tickets to the gold medal bouts of men's boxing on the 12th. We are going out to bath and Stonehenge on the 11th and shopping on new bond on the 13th.

    Tell me anything and everything! I'm so excited, I'm going to burst! And I'm so happy GB got their first gold this morning!!!!
  15. Some of the events you don't need tickets for - like I went to the men's cycling road race on Saturday last week without a ticket as you only needed a ticket for the start/finish line so I just stood around the corner from the finish haha!

    Have a brilliant time though! I would have loved to have gotten tickets for some events but was really unlucky.