Anyone going to the Kooba Sample Sale in NYC?

  1. I believe it starts on Tues, the 24th. I plan on attending :yahoo:

    Unfortunately I do not own any Koobas at the moment. I returned my black Jillian and my Sienna. I liked the Jillian, I just wondered if I would use it often. The Sienna was nice as well but I was concerned that I wouldn't like the floral pattern after a while- I felt I am too "old" for that pattern. I would like a "plain", soft, swooshy older Sienna.

    Anyway, I'll go to the sample sale and see what turns up :p
  2. Judie, I would love to go but cannot do so.

    Please report in a thread on what styles, colors, and prices you see.

    Oh, and bring me back a Paige in bourbon, a Kiera in auburn, a Sienna in cognac, a McKenzie in bourbon......

    *wishful thinking*
  3. Oh how I wish I lived in NYC!!
  4. I live in NJ but only a 28 min train ride into Manhattan. I used to go to sample sales a lot. I'm scared- I remember how they used to be, the long lines, grabbing things and then women following me around to see if I was going to actually purchase the items!!!:nuts:

    I have a babysitter that day and I've been wanting to go to a sample sale for a while so I'm excited.

    I will definitely report back my findings......and perhaps share the wealth :yes:
  5. Judie, I'm soo envious!! I want to go:crybaby:

    Hey, don't let them shove you around in there and just ignore them if they follow you around, LOL

    And we want a full report, okay, colour, price, quantity (as if it makes any difference to me, I'm just nosy), can't wait to hear about it!
  6. Lucky Duck! I'd love to go to a Sample Sale. It would be so dangerous. I would see those prices and go nuts. Tell us what you see alot of. Maybe that would give us a clue to as what is hot and what isn't.
    If you find a Black Smooth Sienna for 150 I'll pay you 300! LOLOL A Sienna for 150.....Wow, am I dreaming or what.
  7. aw man they always start on tuesdays when i have class from 9-2 and then nanny from 3-7 :sad: BOO!!

    I could go wed, but thats right in the middle of my midterms ,,hmm

    well if i go on the wed, i will report back but i look forward to hearing from those brave enough to go the 1st day (those crazzzy women!)

    the 1st day of the spring kooba sale willl prob be insane

    but i remember i went nuts wanting my ginger in chestnut last year when the fall one started, and within 2 months they had like 3 more SS with them redily available and then the prices started dropping all over (NM, etc,,,)

    and so im thinking i am not going to go crazy trying to get there this time as i have my chestnut ginger and my red elisha and for now they are my kooba loves (since im kinda scared of all the other new spring bags and their delicate leather from all the stories,,,)

  8. Me too:sad:

    Slush, you're being very good, maybe it's a good thing I don't live in NY, I'd probably be one of those crazzzy women of yours, LOL...
  9. I hope some PF's get some good deals!
  10. I'm looking to buy my first Kooba, and will be right outside NY that Friday, the last day of the sample sale. I was wondering if it is even worth it to go? Is there anything left by the last day of the sale?
  11. You can bet I'd go if I lived in the NYC area. Man, what great deals you can get at those sample sales. Just wear your body armor! LOL!

    If anyone goes, be sure to report back and let us know the details and most important... what you bought!
  12. Maybe we should make a road trip out of it! :idea: My hubby will have had surgery a couple days prior but what the heck? :p
  13. Sounds good to me, Grace. Just give hubby an extra sleeping pill or two and he'll never know you were gone. :smile:

    Someday I AM going to make a trip to NYC and my main focus will be shopping til I drop.

    I'll give you a call... meet me there!
  14. There are nurses he could get to watch him, right? :yes: LOL Once again, he ruins my fun! :p

    I can't wait to tell, by the way dear, I'm going to a Kooba sale in NYC the day you come home from the hospital. Good luck to you! :roflmfao:
  15. As far as the question about will they have stuff on the last day,,,
    If they have new stuff from the spring line (elisha, bonnie, meridith, charlie, nicole)
    I would HIGHLY DOUBT any of those to be still avail, unless there is some horrible color no one wants

    BUT I would say on the last day they will have (if they are selling the older styles) they will prob. have those left :smile: