Anyone going to the HH sample sale tomorrow?

  1. I'm thinking of making an attempt to head into the city for it, but not sure....
  2. I'm planning to go. Not sure what time though, will depend when I am done with some meetings at work. Do you think it will be crowded?
  3. Yes, with a picket sign saying "FREE THE CHALK HAVANAS!"

  4. ha ha ha ha- I'll be at the front of that picket line!!!
  5. You guys are too funny. I'm still unsure if I will be able to make it. I wish it started earlier, as I have my sitter until 3pm and I live in NJ. I could ask her to stay later, but I'm not sure I want to deal with a sample sale. It's always hit or miss.

    I do want to hear details if anyone goes! :yes:
  6. I'm HH'd out for the moment... just in the past month I've purchased the Hudsen Triple Strap Satchel in Cocoa, the Les Fleur Painted Leather Clutch, the Kiss-Kiss in Woodgrain Patent, the Mimi Patent Shoulder Bag in Olive Suede, and the Louvre Coin Purse in Chocolate. I managed to stop myself from ordering the Suki in Bruciato, but just barely. I am now on a (reluctant) HH ban until the Spring line comes out.
  7. yep, i'm def going! i'm hoping that they have a barnard bag there!
  8. I think I want to try to go! I was just introduced to HH and it seems pretty popular here on the forum! I was thinking of trying to make it up there and seeing what they have available...would it be a good idea to go right at 12:30? Does anyone think it will be very crowded?
  9. How do the prices at the last sample sale compare to the prices at the recent Hayden-Harnett online sales? I really, REALLY, REALLY want a havana hobo in yam.
  10. I think, from reading old threads about past store sales events, this one will be packed - if anybody is going, get there early. There will be a line ... Can't wait to read everybody's report!
  11. ditto ditto - with photos - and sidekick realtime updates (Bessie - I know that you have the technological know-how)

    and insider info - re the upcoming Labor Day sale .... will they be discounting any fall purses...
  12. I am taking the day off from work just so I can go!