Anyone going to the DC Event on 9/15?

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  1. I'll be there... I was surprised to see this in my email yesterday!!!
  2. You two are two of the most stylish (and most awesome) pfers ever, you're going to have a blast together!
  3. Take pics!!!!!

  4. GREAT.....I'm hoping kdo will be able to come as well. I'll be there around 7-ish.....will sport my modified crossbody Goldrush Lorca......

    How will I know it's you DC-Cutie???? :smile::P
  5. DC-Cutie IS Sofa King Hottt, that's how blammy! CAn't wait to meet you, DC! Fingers crossed that the stars will align...We will have to remember to take pics.
  6. LOL...I had NO idea.....just call me clue-less when it comes to going to B&M locations to purchase stuff!!!!

    I am tempted, but alas - have spent too much $$ lately AND I don't need to put myself in a situation to "fail".

    Just got a pair of Tuttles today so that should do it for a bit!

    I will go to the HH Trunk show and will survey the offerings and will provide a full report. Lordy knows if there will be leathergoods.
  7. Aw man, I wanna go! Can't swing two nights in a row...better for my wallet I guess.

  8. I'll make this short n' sweet....and I will try to find a way to get a pic on here for you cuz there was really no reason to take a lot of pics.....

    It was utterly delightful to meet Toni as well as Samantha House. They are both charming and easy to talk to/be with.....

    As for product - there is nothing "new" to report, except for the Mystery and Pistol scarves and two clothing items. Otherwise - it was all of the familiar stuff. Yes, disappointing to see the same stuff, but I would call our venture there a lovely evening.

    Met up w/kdo.......dc-cutie, did we not see you?

    Update on scarves:

    The design/print on the Mystery is awesome. I love how there are blood splatters around the center design. IF you look w/o a discerning eye, you may miss it! The print is only on one side. A coveted item, yes? It's a nice weight and can be easily tied.

    The Pistol scarves are small......don't really know how to use it....but I know others will know how to make them a design statement for their wardrobe. I was really taken by the Heliotrope/fuschia (?) colorway. It's quite vibrant.

    The only two clothing items were the Denmare trousers (in black/charcoal and brocade) and the Phineas blouse.

    It's a funky - VERY stylish cut and something that you need to try on. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like these pants. Very fitted at the waist and forgiving in the hip/butt region. Normally, the length would be on the shorter side for most, to show off your shoes. But for me....there was excess material, but nothing that would really bother me.

    I think my size is XS....though in the photo, I was wearing a S. I tried on the XS in black, and the fit was better. THOUGH - I really do prefer the brocade since its a stiffer fabric and does a better job of showing the cut/design of the pants.

    We saw the Evans leather shirt by Hare + Heart. The deep v-cut in the front is really for folks w/boobage...but I think something needs to be worn underneath for those that are well endowed.

    Crap...having photo issues.....will post photo later....sorry!
  9. Thanks for the report Blammy! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time, despite there not being many new items to look at. I can't wait for the new scarves! Was the pistol scarf only printed on one side as well? Looking forward to your pics! :yahoo:
  10. Thanks for the report, blam! I'm disappointed that the Pistol scarf is so small (bandana-sized, sounds like). I want to get one for my DD, but not sure that the size would be useful to her. Maybe I'll snag one later in the season.
  11. WhooHoo! Pics please bag-sis! I want to see those trousers!
  12. Thanks for the info blammy! I'm excited to see the IRL pants pics! At the moment all the clothing in the Fall collection looks like a no-go for me...buuut that's what I said about spring :-/
  13. ok, hotties, here are pics of me (the swirl face) and Beth with Toni. Beth has the HH outfit on.