anyone going to line up for wii or ps3

  1. I love everything of mario, so I am going to line up an hour ealrier for wii. I hope I can get one.... Any one else?
  2. My DH has pre-ordered both wii and ps3.. i dont know much about the process but he always manage to get latest game systems as soon as they're released! he's such a video game junkie!!
  3. My husband also wants both so I might wait for one of the two (PS3)
  4. I know the PS3 is released on Nov. 17. But what is Wii? I love mario too is it like the original nintindo but with better special effects & such?!?
  5. they're expecting lines for days, apparently, somewhere people are already in line. still willing to wait? lol.
  6. You are so lucky to be able to get on the list. Somehow I just missed it at toys r us and ebgames... :crybaby:

    wii is the new nintendo platform coming out on 19th...

    hubby wants PS3 but I heard the quantity available to each store is very limited, so the chance of getting it is low, unless we camped out of target 4 hours earlier, which is ridiculous... :yucky:
  7. ^^ My DH was showing me pictures of ppl camping out JAPAN's stores 1 day before not only 4hours.. Its amazing to see what video fanatic will do to get these systems.
  8. my So really wants a Wii.. so I'll probably start lining up for one for him hehe
  9. I am not really interested in the Wii right now. I want to get the PS3, but I'll probably wait until the price goes down and they get some better games. I also want to wait to see if there are any hardware problems. I remember the first few batches of PS2s gave some owners a hard time with disc read errors and such. My sister ended up having to buy a whole new PS2. I waited to buy my PS2 until Sony assured me that the problem had been corrected.
  10. My SO is camping out with his bestfriend for the PS3.
  11. Alot of places like Target, Toys r us, & Gamestop are doing preorders. I know it depends on the store but you only have to put a deposit of $50-$100 just for them to hold it for you. That way you don't have to camp out, just show up & bring the receipt!! Target in my area is already sold out of PS3s:crybaby: I'm not sure about the other stores that carry game consoles.
  12. i've heard a lot of buzz about the wii, but hubby and i will probably wait until the price drops in six months if we purchase at all. (i'm not a gamer and he prefers computer games to consol) i want to play one though! golf games will be so much fun!
  13. I love Mario games, but i really don't feel like beating the crowds for a game system. It always cracks me up to see the news on black friday (to see the people rush in the door, push each other).
  14. A bunch of my friends are flying into NYC to line up overnight at the Nintendo store to get a Wii. Insane. :nuts: I might join them for a not bringing any valuables with me nice bags.
  15. My fiance and I are HUGE gaming nerds but we're going to wait on both. I'm positive the first set out will have bugs so we might as well wait for them to be tweaked. We still have plenty of PS2 games we're working on right now anyways to keep us busy. ;)