Anyone going to dress up for Halloween?

  1. We go to a huge Halloween party at my parents house every year...adults only. It will be the Sat. before Halloween. I am going to dress up as the Devil! I know, I should also be wearing Prada but I don't own any. I have the perfect bag for the occasion, a Fetish by Eve black patent mini-barrel with a devil tail zipper pull.

    Hubby is going to be a nursing home escapee. He has the BEST mask, it looks so real. He's going to be wearing a hospital gown and using a walker. No one is going to know who he is until he takes his mask off. I love Halloween parties!!

    My daughter is not going to the party of course, but for Halloween she is going to be a princess. How original. BUT....her costume is stunning.

    Anyone else love Halloween like I do?
  2. I know I am throwing a masquerade for a bunch of friends but it will probably be a dance (high school and college kids that all know eachother from bible study) and dress very nicely in formals..

    At a local parade i will go as a carrot and my dog is going as a bunny.
  3. Working with children, its practically in my contract that I have to dress up whether I like it or not! Fortunatly I do like Halloween though, and I miss going trick or treating! We usually have a kids Halloween party so I'll dress up for that but I don't want to be too scary as they're only young (2-5). I can't decide on what to be this year, I haven't given it too much thought. I do have a fabulous black wig that looks just like the woman from the Adams family that I wore last year to a grown up party, so maybe I'll use that somehow.
  4. doy.. it's this time of the year again.. call me party pooper, kill joy or whatever, i don't like dressing up every halloween. but can't argue with that - at work we always dress up. i don't have any idea on what i'll be on that day. the creative juices of my brain seems to dry up. :Push:
  5. I'm going to have to dress up for Halloween this year...I joined the Student Activities Board, and we hold a big Halloween party in the University Center every year. I don't know what I should be:confused1: :sad: .
  6. My SIL lives on the largest Halloween street in all of Louisville. We always go and help her out. The entire street always goes all out on decorations and creativity. Her house is always the scariest (the little kids love it). We always pick a theme and get all dressed up. Last year, we had two friends with chain saws chasing people down the street and my husband strapped himself to a wire and harness on the roof and dropped in on people to scare them. We made it into the newspaper and on the news.

    This year we're doing a pirate theme. I have to go get my costume this week so I can get a good one. My BIL supossidly built a candy cannon that will shoot candy out of it.
  7. We take our kid's trick or treating in our town every year. All the stores give out candy and it's really fun. My husband and I have pimp costumes that we have worn in the past. Mine is purple velvet w/ zebra trim and his is leopard. We were all this huge funny jewelry. I'm not sure I will do it again this year though...When kids ask what we are we always say "entrepeneurs" since pimps is inappropriate for kids.
  8. i usually have to dress up for work, but i have the night off this year.

    if i end up going out for some odd reason, i'll be a princess like i am every year. got to put that tiara collection to use! :smile:
  9. yoink! is it almost halloween already? I don't think I'll be dressing up, unless I think of something really good.
  10. Wow!! you guys go all out!! That's awesome!!
    I was just invited to a Halloween party today...but normally I don't dress up.
  11. I plan to. My friend is throwing a halloween party and the theme this year is "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up". I haven't decided what I'm going to be yet though.