Anyone going to Burberry's Lunar New Year event?

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  1. I received an invitation to enjoy champagne and canapes at Burberry to celebrate the Lunar new year. So great this is just before Valentines day (giggle). Has anyone else got an invite? If so, what are you expecting to purchase if anything?

    Happy Lunar new year everyone.
  2. I haven't heard any of this celebration. Enjoy!
  3. It was a great event. The second one I have been invited to, but this one was also an open door really to anyone who wondered in to check out all the goodies. I took my GF and we had lovely Piper champagne and chinese new year cupcakes and macroons. I wish I had taken photos though. I am bag content at the moment so I purchased a watch (on behalf of my DH for valentines day) but have to wait till it arrives later this week, so I will do a reveal then.