anyone go to woodbury commons this weekend?

  1. nature prevented me from going there but is it worth going tomorrow? TIA:flowers:
  2. my folks went today and said it was a madhouse. Waaaay too crowded
  3. my mom went yesterday and she said so much good stuff to buy!!! :smile: she got me a coach wristlet and a gucci bag for my bday! :smile:
  4. I went Saturday afternoon and didn't find too much @ the coach outlets. It wasn't a madhouse, but it was hurricane country outside LOL so it was expected. It was BAD. Freezing, windy like heck, umbrellas breaking left and right. You were pretty much running from store to store.
  5. Ohhhh....Do you have pics of your new goodies? :smile:
  6. I went yesterday and I wasn't too impressed, I only bought an umbrella because of the terrible weather !

    At Waterloo though, I purchased a hamptons soho black hobo for 50% off the already discounted price ! I was tired of being jealous of people with it, so I just decided that I had to get it.
  7. i went and will be posting tomorrow!
  8. Where in Waterloo ?? Is it an outlet ??
  9. I went to Woodbury on Monday and Waterloo on Tuesday. Didn't see anything interesting - only got a new wallet and mini skinny to replace the ones I recently lost...
  10. Yep ! Here's a link, it's in Waterloo, New York !

    Waterloo Premium Outlets
  11. Uh oh.. another outlet in NY.. Ayla I'm going to be cursing you and praising you at the same time!! LOL. thanks for the heads up!
  12. The Waterloo NY outlet carries signature canvas, whereas the Woodbury Commons outlet seems to only carry leather, from what I remember.