Anyone go to Vidal Sasoon Salons..

  1. I am in Atlanta and have not been able to find a good stylist. They all want to put layers in my longish blond hair. It is terrible, and always looks choppy and fried. I also don't want a high maintenance hair-do. I don't mind a quick blow dry and a flat iron to touch up.

    Most stylists I have seen don't know how to properly layer. I don't mind a little around the face. My hair is very thick and mostly straight with a wave underneath around the back.

    I was thinking a sort of classic bob.
  2. I go to Vidal Sassoon in CA and in NY. I love their cuts. Always classic and perfectly cut. If you want a precision cut they are well trained. I have very short hair now and it looks great. When I was very young I had waist length hair and they cut it shoulder length it it looked wonderful. See what you think. I have always been very happy with both the service and the cut.:heart:
  3. I used to be a secret shopper and did a shop once at the Vidal Sassoon in Beverly Hills. It was $90 for my haircut, and quite honestly - I didn't think it was any better than Supercuts. But as with any salon, I think it depends on the individual stylist; some are better than others. I had a mid-tier stylist and didn't think he was that great so don't rely on levels alone. Maybe you can explain your cut to the receptionist and ask their opinion on who the best stylist for that type of cut is. Good luck!
  4. i went to one once...i never went back...the lady totally ripped me off. I asked for a FULL head of highlights and when i got home i was looking at my hair and figured out she had only done half...and on top of that she charged me 185 bucks! It might of just been the sylist though...not the salon.