Anyone Go To King Of Prussia Mall?

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  1. Just curious to see if anyone is local.

  2. I'm a local! I live right in Center City, Philadelphia. The KoP is amazing. I could spend days there (except around Christmas time, and then you couldn't pay me enough money to go there!).
  3. I am in South Jersey and I make a weekly treck there (1 hour) to visit all of my future bags.

  4. I've been there with my then-fiance (now husband). The journey took us approx. 4 hours. We drove there in the morning, spent 5-6 hours and drove back. I really love that place, the stores range from forever 21 to hermes :nuts:
  5. ooh! I go dangerous! I am also in Jersey......I also like Saks in Bala,PA.....
  6. ohhh! i go there alot too. just went there last thursday and got a chanel tote.
  7. i also go to short hills and garden state plaza too. fortunate for me, iam in central jersey.
  8. Love king of prussia mall AND short hills mall!..thank god i have relatives in both areas lol
  9. is the king of prussia mall big?? i'm from cali and ive never heard of it :smile:
  10. I love KOP. It's the largest mall on the east coast. Second in the country. Right behind Mall of America. I live in MD and it's so worth the hour and a half trip.
  11. Same here
  12. Did you get your tote at Neimans? I hate most of the SAs there. They are so unhelpful. If you have a good SA let me know.
    Which tote did you get?

  13. yes. from NM. the caviar black leather closed shoulder tote with the gold hardwar, its the same one that cristina bought. i will post pics this evening.
    funny, because you are not the only one that feels the same about the SA's there. I bought the bag from Ginger. I thought she was super nice. I drove her nuts and she remained patient with me. She held the bag for me for several days until it was convenient for me to go and she even offered to meet me outside of her working hours. for that, i will only work with her in the future.
  14. My hubby got the WORST treatment from The SA's at KOP neimans...I ended up going to Saks in Bala and spending 2300.00 on a Chanel bag....serves them right...!I used to use Manny at neimans...then he got mad because I used another SA and refused to help my hubby pick out a gift for me! SOOO SAD! some SA's STINK!
  15. I went to KOP twice last week. LOL-was also at Chanel at NM looking at a tote. What does Ginger look like? I worked with an SA (forgot her name) who was super nice as well and I bought nothing. If you like MJ Carlotta at NM is wonderful, helpful friendly and really nice. Some of the SAs there act like they have bugs up their butts:lol:! The bags at NM fly out of the doors like hotcakes. Had my eye on a lovely Gucci on Thursday went back on Friday and it was gone:cry:!

    I also love Short Hills Mall:love:. In fact,prefer Short Hills to King of Prussia b/c hate having to walk outside in the cold with a stroller to get to other side of mall.