Anyone getting the Satin Clutch?

  1. hi, just wondering if anyone out there is getting or has purchased this bag. (is it even available for sale yet?). i love love love it but the price tag is kinda steep (no surprise).
  2. I like it, but will not purchase it due to the price and durability of it.
  3. yes it's available for sale now (or at least in Mtl it is), I think also Michelle declined her SA's offer for the Aumoniere??? it's definitely arrived! it is small though....and rather useless if you ask me, cuz I don't go to fancy dinner parties very often.... but if you have some spare cash and have yer eyes on this bag, then by all means go for it cuz it is indeed a pretty lil thing! :biggrin:
  4. Yep, they're available to buy. I've seen all the colors at my local boutique.
  5. It was on elux yesterday.
  6. Yeah my store has all the colors. It's just too delicate and tiny for my taste. It's adorable but not at all practical IMO.
  7. very pretty, extremely lovely.. and waaaayy expensive.. I love the bag, it's really beautiful.. but it's too much to pay for something to use only on occasion..
  8. Someone already bought it and posted pics of it so yes it´s available for purchase. It´s gorgeous.
  9. Lovely bag but rather get something else with that price.
  10. Yah, I had all three colors on hold. I passed on them. I had a hard time opening the darn thing and it was smaller than pictured in the look book! : (
  11. yes, i was wondering if the material would be so delicate that i would have to constantly worry about snagging it. it sure is a beautiful bag though.....
  12. i love them but they are very small,delicate and to expensive for me :sad:
  13. i wanted the black one, but when i saw it in real life i decided not to get it :sad:. the monogram is silver on the black satin, but it has gold hardware, and that kind of spoilt it for me :cry: