~~Anyone getting the New Madison Collection Floral Additions?~~

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  1. The Spectator is amazing... especially in person!
  2. Definitely love the lilac spectator, like Stacee said, amazing in person! I'm partial to Hippie!
  3. I really love the lilac one. It is very pretty.
  4. It's all pretty...but just not for me, I find it to be to structured. But wow, they really outdid themselves making a line that really has options!!!
  5. The lilac is amazing! And the exotic is heart stopping! oh decisions decisions lol
  6. i am ordering the scarf
  7. Not digging the floral pattern at all. I do love and will get the embossed carryall!!!

  8. woohoo:yahoo: cant wait to see that reveal!
  9. i am getting the spectator!
  10. NEW MADISON EMBOSSED EXOTIC CARRYALL<------this is in my wish list! however, it is too expensive right now for me.
  11. i guess I'm the minority cuz I absolutely hate that new floral pattern. Maybe its something I have to see in person?
  12. Im not into any of these. Thank God. LOL
  13. I think they are so pretty but I have found bags with patterns and multi-colors for the most part to be too impractical for me as they have to be worn mainly with all solid colored clothing. But if I had money to burn the floral one in ivory I think it is would be mine.
  14. I'm not a fan of floral bags at the moment, esp. non-leather ones..too much risk of stains.