Anyone getting the new Apple iPhone / Leapfrog?

  1. They just unveiled it today at MacWorld and it is supposed to blow Blackberry's and Trio's out of the water.

    I'm a Mac-phile so I am - and soon. Just have to switch my carrier to Cingular.
  2. Yeah, I'll be getting that as soon as it hits the stores...can't wait...although June seems so far away...

    I was hoping that they would come out with a new ultraportable MacBook or something becasue I want to replace my 12" PowerBook...but I guess I can settle for this in the meantime ;)
  3. It's 500 bucks (600 for the 8gb) for essentially a bigger screen. I currently have a Treo and at this point, quite satisfied that I paid about 200 bucks less (including my 4gb memory card). When I'm ready to upgrade in a few months, I'll be leaning towards the Cingular 8525.
    To me, Apple products are overpriced and overhyped
  4. I think I am, but I am going to wait for some reviews.....
  5. OMG!!! it's sooo freakin gorgeous... my bf been waiting for this iphone for years... he refused to buy ipod, he's waiting for this special thing!

    351936685_72af816b6c.jpg spaceball.gif
  6. i want one! i wish cingular has an unlimited data plan.
  7. Last I checked, Cingular does have an unlimited data plan.
  8. omg I hope we get this in the UK sooooooooooooooooooooooooon
  9. same here.:yes:
  10. so it HAS to be cingular?
  11. I won't get it. After getting incredible bad custumer support when my iPod was broken and them being arrogant just in general, I won't buy anything more from them.
  12. :drool: pretttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
  13. holy crap.

    i will ditch verizon in a heartbeat for that phone!
  14. Sorry for your bad experience. My girlfriend actually "dropped" her iPod when she was running. She went to the store to buy a replacement and they gave her a new one free of charge since it was under warranty. She's a customer for life.

    PS. I've had nothing but great experience with them.
  15. Abrosia, wait until later in the week. I wouldn't be surprised to see them announce an ultraportable, lightweight MacBook with flash memory. I have a friend who works there and has indicated that this is something Apple knows there is a market for.