Anyone getting the Azur Favorite ?

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  1. Hi guys!!! Just wanted to know if anyone is thinking of getting the Azur Favorite coming out April 1st? I believe its going to be in the pm and mm size. I am thinking of getting the mm :graucho:
  2. It's on my Wishlist to get, but after getting a tapage charm and mc milla from hubby, I am just not feeling it. Also, I'm quite content with my collection that I don't feel the need for another canvas bag. Even my hubby says no more canvas. He says to look at the vernis or empriente now. And that's where my focus has been lately.
  3. Me, me, me! I'm on the this! I hope its what i am expecting.
  4. its on my wishlist and i would love it as a spring/summer bag however the unsecured flap is scaring me. i just wish it had a snap button then i would def purchase the pm and mm size in mono and azur thats how much im in love with this bag.. do u guys think LV will update it to a NM
  5. I was definitely thinking about it. I've been wanting a small bag in DA to wear with dresses in the summer. Then I realized in order for me to wear it cross body I would have to purchase another strap so now I'm not sure. I'm 5'9" so the Favorite strap is too short for me. Such a pretty bag though and really versatile. Still thinking...
  6. I don't know how but I saw one on eBay and thought it looked great. I plan on getting myself a bag for my bday in April so I've added that to one of the bags I wanna check out.
  7. I'm thinking about it. I had been thinking about getting the pochette nm in DA but then heard the favorite was coming out in DA. IDK which one to get...
  8. I'lll have to see it when it comes out
  9. i love the favorite with one exception: i don't love the magnetic closure. i wanted an azur crossbody so i got the speedy b 25 in da for now but have not ruled out the favorite. one thing i do like about the favorite over the eva is the size of the mm.
  10. No, I'm not getting it. The strap is too short for me.
  11. Yes! I've been using the heck out of my mono mm, so damier azur would be perfect for spring and summer. :smile:
  12. How is your experience with the closure. I love the look of the favorite!!!
  13. I'm thinking about it and for cross body using my speedy b strap as the favorite strap is too short for me.
  14. Thinking about it..will see what it looks like when it appears:smile:

  15. To be honest, I haven't had any issues with it opening unexpectedly. Then again, I try not to overstuff it. I carry all of my essentials and everything fits perfectly. The mm works well for my needs, and I'm thrilled that they're making it in DA.