Anyone getting married this year???

  1. Hey everyone!!! I wanted to start a discussion for all the people who are getting ready for one of the biggest days of their lives. I'm getting married this July (2007), to my best friend, and one of the sweetest men alive, and I can't wait. However, I'd never realized exactly what went into a all seems pretty crazy...but I can't wait. So now, I would like to hear about everyone else's experiences with wedding preparations. I think this is a good chance for us to swap ideas and give advice to eachother...thanks everyone!!!
  2. LOL I'm getting married November of 2008 :smile:
  3. Im getting married November this year. And I know what you mean by all the things that have to go into putting one together. I'm not getting a coordinater so I'm doing it solo. I'm slowly finding out the cost of things and getting it into my head what really needs to be done. But if you need any help check out It is really helping me out, as to what I should be doing and have done. But how much are you spending on flowers if you don't mind me asking. I just got a quote and she told me about $1500-$2000. Is that the norm, I couldn't help thinking I could buy another purse with that...LOL.
  4. nope- maybe in the next ten years :roflmfao:
  5. not this year!
  6. Hmm, perhaps this year or next. We're waiting to see what happens to him after he graduates in May... he's supposed to propose in May when he's done with school. :smile: Hey, come to think of it, that's pretty soon. Now I'm all excited, hehe...
  7. I'm getting married in June of 2008, but I've already booked and confirmed my venues!
    In about another month or 2, I'll be dress hunting!
    I'm slowly starting to look around for all the other things, like flowers, favors, photographers, etc. etc. etc.
  8. Oh, and... we're not doing much of a wedding. Something small on the beach here in Hawaii with just the immediate family (parents, the 2 living grandparents, and his 2 sisters... that might be all).

    I want to save the money for some serious TRAVEL... and I think his family is doing a reception in Cali for all their crazy Persian friends and family on the mainland.
  9. fiance is persian too and his family (I mean mother) is going crazy with the list. She calls once a day to add someone else on. At first we decided that it should just be close friends and family, that's about 60 people. Why is the list now at 115? It's costing us $108 per person.
  10. :yahoo: Yep!!!! 10-27-07

    And yes it is hella crazy. We have all of the big things taken care of like the venue, food, photography, dj, we're rented chairs. Of course I will have to meet with all of these closer to the wedding to make final arangements. Plus we have a good deal of our decorations. We've had our guest list picked out for about a I just need to get everyone's address :wacko: .

    I've had my dress for almost a year now. We've decided what our party is going to wear. We've picked our invitations, we just need to print them this spring. I need to get some little things for my outfit. The biggest clothing thing on the agenda is my fh's outfit. He's 6'7 330lbs, so we're probably going to have make his outfit ourselves to get it to look the way he wants it to.

    We have a LOT of our planning done....But I still feel like we have a million and one little things to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats to all of you!!! We got married last year in April!

    Enjoy your wedding day! Just remember that you need to make sure that you guys are happy because this is your day! :smile:
  12. I hear ya!! LOL Congrats everyone who's getting married:yahoo:
  13. I am not getting married... but I love this thread! Makes me just smile and makes my heart happy :heart:
  14. Yes congrats to everyone getting married this year...and thanks to everyone for responding to this thread...sorry handbag_luvr, but meeting with the florist is the one thing that I haven't gotten to yet, but I have booked one. Yeah, I am sure the flowers are going to be very pricey no matter who you get to do them...that is why I have chosen to have candles as my centerpieces, I was hoping that it would cut some of the expenses, but I doubt it...oh well, I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. I am very excited. Thanks I will definitely check out already really enjoy their mags.
  15. I wish i was getting married...

    But I am helping one of my good friends plan theirs so I know all of the stress that is involved....

    We have everything, even the minute-by-minute itinerary :wlae: of the ceremony, reception, rehersal/ rehersal dinner and clean-up...

    I actually am a Wedding/ Event Planner on the side which I do for fun...