Anyone Get This Yet????

  1. I don't really go for the Coach purses anymore, but I do like their small items and accessories. Today I ordered this using the PCE, store credit for a defective item, $10.00 mall gift card and ended up paying $9.49 cash. It looks cute....just hope it is as cute in person as I think it is on the computer!
  2. That really is soo adorable. I'm sure it'll look great!
  3. I have never seen it... cute though!
  4. Cute, Ive never see this one.
  5. i saw it at Nordstroms or something....ITS GORGEOUS!!!!!

    you have very nice taste!
  6. That is really cute! I like it!
  7. I ve seen it! What i really love is the back! its like a surprise! the horse and carriage logo is laser engraved, and the whole thing is encased in like a glass ball! really cool!
  8. Wow, I really can't wait to see it in person now. The photos on the site really don't do the products justice! (And the descriptions could have more detail, too.) I won't get it until sometime next week. I'm anxious now!
  9. it is gorgeous!!!