Anyone get this from Karen Kooper?

  1. I can't abuse my Credit Cards anymore so I'll have to sit this one out....but that Cerises Speedy is calling my name.....must resist....must....LoL :lol:

  2. Yup. I got it this morning... so much stuff to pick from!!!
  3. but the price is a bit high on that and miroir pochette....gosh cerises on eBay is going half it's is the pochette...
  4. whoa i agree. damn i only got mine 3 weeks ago from the waiting for me! and paid half that.
  5. I think the one Karen's got still has the factory plastic on the handles which is maybe why it's high. The one's I usually see on eBay are used.

    Regardless, new or old, I must tame the credit card debt - My Miroir's have practically left me homeless, lol :lol: But I love them TOO much!
  6. I agree :nuts:
  7. Lol same here (getting the email today). I love her fun to gawk :lol:
  8. Got it too! I love her website I collect all the pics :heart: I'm a dork I know lol :shame:
  9. I think let-trade has a cerises speedy for less
  10. The one thing with Let-Trade is that it's all pre-owned. Karen's stuff is all pretty much brand new.
  11. ^^ Haha, you read my mind ! :lol:

    But when I checked it out, it looked totally old and not at all in new condition. It's a great price, but I like all my things to be in mint, new and like-in-store condition.
  12. I think you should get it! lol! I got that email today, and I want to buy so many things!
  13. Oh yes, the speedy is calling my name too, but then again so is my Visa :biggrin:
  14. Totally true Let trade stuff are pre-owned and used (sometimes even damaged), karen's stuff is most of the time brand new that explain the price. The non limited edition items are below the retail price most of the time too.
  15. i love her website! her pictures are so cool!