Anyone get their Kiehls stuff yet?

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  1. I have not and I'm waiting impatiently...hmmmm...let me know
  2. yeah, got the first shipment yesterday
  3. Yes, I got mine on Thursday! :yahoo:
  4. WHat's this?> Please fill me in!
  5. Yess... I received mine earlier this week on Tuesday. :smile:
  6. me too..I'm lost....
  7. I got my stuff about 5 days ago.
  8. Still waiting for mine. It should be here on Monday.
  9. I got my first shipment five days ago and my second shipment 3 days ago.
  10. Part of my order was not shipped. Now it is out of stock and will be shipped later.

    But, it has already been billed to my credit card.
  11. did they have some kind of big sale? what are their products like? I've never used them.
  12. ^^ It was a friends and family thing. 20% off their products. Umm... I like their products a lot. I swear by their lip balm. =D
  13. Got mine last week.
  14. I got mine on Friday, and I placed my orders on the last day of their sale.
  15. I got it today! Wheww!

    Mixed feelings - they forgot to put like 3 things in my order PLUS no samples I ordered!!!!!!!!!
    I got so nervous! I immediately called the company and they will send me replacements. Thank Gosh! I was ready to scream :smile: