Anyone get the Valentine totes?

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  1. I'm really interested to see IRL pictures of the two heart totes from the Poppy line!
  2. They are super cute but I do however think of it just like that - Valentine Tote and don't know if I would pull it out after the holiday
  3. I seen it IRL but also keep on thinking it's a Valentine's Tote
  4. i am considering the heart tote that is pink with two hearts on it, if i saw it IRL..
  5. #5 Jan 26, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2010
    I went to go see them IRL as they were super cute, and I love hearts. Thought it would be fun. When I did, I found I couldn't spend $298(metallc hearts) on it, when, for a little more, I could get a more useful bag for me.
    The other canvas w/hearts was adorable too. However, since it was a light/white/natural, I felt I would get it dirty. There maybe something to treat it, maybe scotch guard. I'm sure someone here could suggest something if u went with that one.
    That being said, I did end up with the cute heart wristlet.
  6. I love the heart swingpack, but I don't know about carrying a metallic purple bag with hearts on. My niece on the other hand...
  7. Nope, I'm no help!
  8. I've seen both and I agree on the canvas one. It's not coated, so it looks like it would definitely get dirty easily. The pink one would probably be much easier to keep clean. That little swingpack in the pink with hearts is adorable as well!
  9. I love the fact that the swingpack has leather straps (and the Peyton one does too). I just hate a cute leather swingpack with cloth-y straps! Guess I'm worried the strap would get so dirty.

    What about the strip of cloth that runs along the strap on these bags? I'm worried that would dirty too, to me it looks like a satin ribbon material.
  10. I think the strap might not get as dirty for these bags since the majority of the time the strap would be in direct contact with you. It might pick up dirt when the purse is set down though. I'm pretty dang picky about where I put my purses down, but dirt is inevitable. It just becomes a game of mitigating exposure.
  11. I agree I love the tote so cute but I don't think I would spend that amount of money on something that I would not carry very much and I think it is a little to young for me. However I love the wristlet and would buy that.
  12. #12 Jan 27, 2010
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    I actually have this tote. It isn't pink though it is white with the poppy patent red hearts on it. Its extremely cute but it is very flashy. You don't only have to use it for the 'holiday' you can use it during the summer or really anytime and yes it might be young but who cares!
  13. I have the pink one. I HAD to have this since I love pink and the hearts on it are SO pretty! I just adore it. I was originally planning to use it for work (I'm a teacher), but am afraid it will get all dirty. Regardless, the bag is just fabulous. I got the matching wristlet and one of the heart coin purses as well. My camera batteries are charging, so I'll post pictures of it in a bit! :smile:
  14. thanks! i saw it in the store but i wanna see it again :biggrin:
  15. I haven't seen the tote but I am getting the lilac heart coin purse this weekend - I love hearts
    if the bag came in purple than I would have to buy it
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