Anyone get the New Corsaire Bag? Any thoughts?

  1. Just wondering if anyone purchased the new Corsaire bag. I haven't seen any threads or posts about buying this bag. Are you waiting for one? Or if you've bought it do you like it? Or don't you like what you've seen of it and why? Would like your thoughts because I'm not sure about this bag yet? Thanks. :confused1:
  2. I have never seen a pic of the bag do you have any.
  3. This bag doesn't ring a bell and i didn;t find it on elux or
  4. that bag is GORGEOUS!!!! However, I think it's more suitable for very tall people....
  5. Is it one of the cloud bags?
  6. I think it's from the Polka Dot Fleurs line. The Besace? That's the only one I can think of.
  7. ^Actually the Polka Dot Navy collection.

  8. It's on under Show Summer 07/Polka Dots Navy.
  9. Thanks for posting the pic! :yes:
  10. thanks for the pic! i personally like the other polka-dot bag better. this one just seems odd, it's like a bunch of little eyes staring at you
  11. A steamer bag with a twist. Would be good to use for carrying legal documents or folders.
  12. Thanx. I looked at it. Its gorgeous.
  13. I really like that bag- to expensive for me, but it is pretty
  14. I really like this bag too:heart:
  15. How much is it? Ball park.