Anyone get the NEW Carly in chocolate yet???

  1. PLEASE, PLEASE post actual pics for us to see! I'm dying to order it but want to see real pics first.

  2. i think jane posted somewhere that she will get hers before wednesday. i can't wait to see pics too! but i'm confused about the sizes they come in!
  3. Ooooh it comes in Chocolate too? I can't wait to see! The Carly is my FAVORITE bag on the whole site. I wish I could afford it without going bankrupt :0(
  4. Mine will arrive soon. I spoke to my SA today and he told me something like "not all the stores will be getting that bag" so it may be in flagship only or something, as they have done with other lines.
  5. I am itching to see this. At the first sight of it I'm going to order it if I'm in love! :smile:
  6. Will it come out in chocolate leather too or just sig? I was kind of eyeing the camel leather carly.. but if there's a chocolate one in the works I may hold out for that instead :angel: