Anyone get the Ivory epi??

  1. I am torn! Should I get the Ivory epi speedy or something else? The mono noe is also on my list :love:
    Anyone have pictures of the Ivory?
  2. I have been checking the boards all day for pictures!
  3. I've seen that bag in the store window and I'm just itching to get one myself.

    I did see another bag in the window that caught my eye. It looks like a Jasmin but the bag is alot bigger and there appears to be a Koala-like lock (a wide one at that) in silver that traverses it. I need to see if I can get a pic :yes:
  4. Sounds like you're talking about the Segur PM:
  5. No Ivory Epi for me, but I am getting something Epi in another color. I am so late with the Epi. Grr!
  6. I saw them IRL yesterday and I didn't LOVE the speedy. I liked it so much better in the Jasmine style - well atleast I think it was Jasmine.
  7. I kinda want a pochette and passy.
  8. I love Epi, but not a fan of Ivory color.
  9. I want the passy or the speedy...but i havent seen it IRL, im hoping one of the fellow pfers post a pic of theirs soon....
  10. i'm waiting to see it IRL and if its nice I'm thinking of a speedy or a jasmin too!
  11. ivory epi, the color is great for spring! mono noe, if u own a couple of mono bags, then buy the ivory epi (monogramless).
  12. Me Too. :yes: