anyone get the fragrance print coin purse wristlet?

  1. anyone got it? like it? any pics?

  2. Is it available for purchase without having to get the limited ed basket tote???
  3. yep it was in another thread i think $128 by itself.
  4. I called a week ago and it still wasn't able to be ordered. :shrugs:
  5. good to know

    i want one so it better come out soon!
  6. I called about 10 days ago and they said it was sold out. I don't ever remember it being for sale. I hope the Coach customer service person was wrong!
  7. Sold out already? :wtf:

    I'm sure that rep had to be wrong.
  8. When I called I was also told that they had sold out of the ones to be ordered. However, they said that some stores will still receive them. So you will be able to purchase in store but not through internet or 800 #.