anyone get suspended & what did you do?!?!

  1. e-bay sent me this yesterday :crybaby::hysteric::shrugs:

    p.s. i was a bronze level powerseller with 100% positive feedback & 139 transactions & was a member since 2000

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Dear aaallabama,

    Your eBay account has been suspended for a minimum of seven days due to a violation of the eBay Trademark Misuse policy. We suspended your account after carefully considering each violation and verifying that the correct action was taken.

    A trademark is a unique sign (such as a name, word, phrase, logo, or symbol) that identifies a company's products and services. Trademark infringement is illegal, and eBay doesn't permit sellers to use a trademark in a way that confuses or misleads buyers about the source or affiliation of an item.

    Listings that contain information indicating that the item infringes intellectual property rights are not permitted on eBay.

    All of your current listings have been removed from eBay. Any remaining fees that are on your account are due immediately. These fees will be charged using the billing method that you currently have on file.

    You are not allowed to use eBay in any way during your suspension. Doing so may result in your permanent suspension. You're also not permitted to register a new account or use another existing account.

    During your suspension, you also won't be able to do any of the following:
    - Bid on items
    - Sell items
    - Leave or receive Feedback
    - File for an Unpaid Item credit

    To have your account considered for reinstatement, please visit:

    eBay Help : Community Standards : Suspension Reinstatement - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thank you for your understanding.


    eBay Trust & Safety
  2. Good lord, they have lost their minds.
  3. I don't understand..why did they do this, were you selling authentic items and they thought they were not authentic?
  4. ^^ i donno, that's all they'll tell me :sad:

    p.s. they restricted my account a few weeks ago
  5. That's just crazy. Meanwhile, I find this scammer who keeps hijacking people's accounts and trying to sell cars that are not his for real low BINs, I have e-mailed E-bay 7 times and the guy still is out there..
  6. ^^ it's totally crazy & i'm so upset :sad:
  7. aaa,
    i am so sorry this happens to you.... i hope you are able to work it out with ebay.
  8. Oh No! One of the best sellers on ebay! Did you have anything listed when they did it?

    I worry about this every time I list something. I guess ebay considers their sellers guilty until proven innocent.
  9. yep, guilty until proven innocent is right Donna-girl :sad:...i had a vintage b-bag briefcase from belgium & 2 winter designer coats (ralph lauren & donna karan)...but e-bay said it was the briefcase that got pulled had been listed for 1 whole week without any trouble (or any bids), i went to relist it along with the coats & this is where it got me :hysteric:
  10. ebay is turning into a lot of BS

  11. ^^ ain't that the truth, ughhhhhh
  12. What a slap in the face and how truly awful for you. I swear ebay is a crazy place these days, when I see all those dreadful fakes still out there it makes me want to sceam.
    I hope you can sort it out and try not to worry.
  13. Oh taht sucks! Hopefully you can go back to selling asap. I know ebay is hassle now. Like wtf, they still have all those fakes up, and they don't do anything about it.
  14. Im so confused. what a trademark infringment? did they think your bbag was fake?:shrugs: :confused1:
  15. Unbelieveable. I've been thinking of listing a bag or two and I've been hesitant because so many honest sellers are getting hassled. This is causing me to think hard about whether to even bother or to wait until ebay has its act together a little more.