Anyone get matching shoes for there MC bag...

  1. I noticed on the vuitton site that they have gorgeous MC mules with a buckle so sweet and would match a MC bag beautifully...anyone try a matchy look like would be so cute for are LV shoes quality wise???? THanks
  2. I have the MC wedges in black and in white, and I wore them with the MC speedys. It is a little matchy matchy but I still liked it!
  3. Ohh I think that would look sooo dh is getting me the aureilla mm black for x-mas and I was thinking I could save up for the mules and get them for spring would look darling....with skirts and bright coloured tank!!!!
  4. I did. I had the wedge sandals with the bow in the front and the ankle strap
  5. I love the LV shoes but I stick to bags as I can't afford an addiction to the bags AND the shoes, plus the thought of stepping in someone's disgarded chewing gum in my LV shoes is more than I could stand.:yucky:
  6. I love the shoes! I try not to be too matchy-matchy...but they are cute and very comfortable!
  7. Yeah, I agree that look would be too matchy matchy. You don't want to be logo'ed from head to toe no matter how much you love LV!
  8. It is super cute...however, my personal style would be to wear the MC shoes with, say, a black epi speedy.

    Mix and match the LV lines a bit
  9. Lol, same here!
  10. I have the white MC wedges:

  11. Oh Michelle those are sooo CUTE! :drool: I bet they look awesome on you MC Queen!

  12. They are very cute, but sadly they hurt the hell out of my feet. I hardly wear them to say the least.
  13. OMG! so cute!!
  14. Yeah I can tell! They look brand new! No patina in sight! :nuts:
  15. I love their MC white shoes! I had my eye on the one that looks like the wedge but it's just heels. Very pretty!