anyone get exasperated by their cles and want a key holder instead?

  1. I'm finding myself not liking my wallet attach to my keys, its just so irritating for me lately.. but its my indigo cles! It's too pretty to put away.. anyone get sick of something they loved so much?
  2. Yep, I do it all the time. It then goes up for sale!
  3. Yeah, I do, I just put it away for awhile and when I pull it out I love it again.
  4. Lol no not really.
    As for the Cles situation, I already have my Damier 4 key holder so I keep buying more Cles to use as bag charms or mini wallets for inside my Pochettes.
  5. I don't attach my cles to my keys, I attach it to the inside of my bags...
  6. I love attaching my keys to my cles. It makes the keys so easy to find in my bag.
  7. I attach the cles to the inside of the bag and then I also have a key holder. Maybe I just really like pretty accessories..
  8. yes but it just wakes me want more LV. i figure i can use a cles as a bag charm with my library cards and stuff in and then put my keys in my new mandarin key holder.
  9. My keys don't fit into any of my cles well, I don't like how they make it lumpy and misshapen. I just use them as bag charms or as a tiny purse if I'm going out quickly or for dinner.

    I have four cles, but am currently looking for a 6-key holder!
  10. I was just about the refuel the cles vs. key-holder debate. I never thought I would like the key-holder but then one of my coworkers had a black epi 6-key holder and it actually looked pretty cool. Now I am considering one, but where do you put the remote to your car key?
  11. I hook it to the belt loop of my jeans if I don't want to carry a bag with me.

    All I take with me in the cles are driver's license, insurance card, 1 credit card, a few dollars and then I am good to go.
  12. I love my Cles. But would love to add two or three more soon.
  13. Never.. but then again, I find the keyholders really bulky.
  14. I love my cles, too. I have three: mono, pomme vernis and amarante vernis. Mono gets the most use.
  15. I love my cles
    Maybe take a break for awhile and your love will come back