Anyone get clothes tailored at Nordstrom?

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  1. Do you know if they do alterations on items not purchased there? I have some Juicy pants I bought at Nordstrom and some black slacks I bought elsewear. It would be easier for me to take everything in one run.
  2. I'm not sure. I will def. go to Nordstrom's though and try the tailoring there out....does anyone know if you can get hoodies and tops tailored too or just denim and pants??? I have a hoodie I'd like a tailor to take in a size. (Not sure if thats possible, lol.)
  3. I imagine they'd tailor anything you want, but they'll charge you for it, especially if you didn't purchase the item there. I
  4. PrincessCouture: Yes, you can have clothes not purchased at Nordstrom altered there. Be warned, though, that their alteration rates for non-Nordstrom clothes are quite steep. They will do the Juicy pants for free if you bought them there full-priced (say you bought them for regular price even if you didn't ;)) and the black slacks, if you just want them hemmed, will probably cost you $20. Original hem would be $40. I'm not sure if it would cost extra to do a cuff. I would browse the Nordstrom website to see if they carry that brand there and try to get a cheaper rate by saying that you got them there, too. Kind of deceiving, but I've done it before since an original hem on a Nordstrom-item will only cost you $20 (as opposed to $40 for a non-Nordstrom item).

    Mcb100: Yes, I believe they do tops as well but it may be cheaper for you to get it altered at an outside tailor depending on where you purchased the item (non-Nordstrom?) and the complexity of your request. Drycleaners, for one, have much more reasonable alteration prices; my boyfriend's parents own a drycleaners and they only charge $8 for a hem if that's any indication. I can't remember how much they charge to make a jacket smaller; under $30, I know that. I would definitely shop around for a tailor!
  5. I've brought jeans that I purchased outside and I suppose they thought it ws from there because they didn't charge me extra. But I was worried because there are different prices for store bought and not store bought items.
  6. Cool, thanks! I wasn't really worried about the price so much since I figured they'd charge me anyway.
  7. I have questions on norstrom alteration. I am level 4 nordstrom, I have banana republic blazer it was charged 89$. Do I get reimbursed for that jacket?
  8. My understanding is that alterations reimbursements are only given for Nordstrom purchases regardless of card level.
  9. I believe that it must have at least been purchased with your Nordstrom Visa for them to even do the alteration.
  10. Bus does it have to be a Nordstrom item? What if I bought a jacket from barneys with my Nordstrom visa?
  11. I was told that they might consider taking it in that case but, I think they may have tightened this up.
  12. Off topic, but by chance, would you or anyone on this thread know if Nordstrom carries Balmain classic double breasted blazer?
  13. They do not. I once asked. You have to go to Neiman Marcus, Net-a Porter here or Luisaviaroma. There are some other sites as well.
  14. Thanks for the info!