Anyone get clothes tailored at Nordstrom?

  1. Do you know if they do alterations on items not purchased there? I have some Juicy pants I bought at Nordstrom and some black slacks I bought elsewear. It would be easier for me to take everything in one run.
  2. I'm not sure. I will def. go to Nordstrom's though and try the tailoring there out....does anyone know if you can get hoodies and tops tailored too or just denim and pants??? I have a hoodie I'd like a tailor to take in a size. (Not sure if thats possible, lol.)
  3. I imagine they'd tailor anything you want, but they'll charge you for it, especially if you didn't purchase the item there. I
  4. PrincessCouture: Yes, you can have clothes not purchased at Nordstrom altered there. Be warned, though, that their alteration rates for non-Nordstrom clothes are quite steep. They will do the Juicy pants for free if you bought them there full-priced (say you bought them for regular price even if you didn't ;)) and the black slacks, if you just want them hemmed, will probably cost you $20. Original hem would be $40. I'm not sure if it would cost extra to do a cuff. I would browse the Nordstrom website to see if they carry that brand there and try to get a cheaper rate by saying that you got them there, too. Kind of deceiving, but I've done it before since an original hem on a Nordstrom-item will only cost you $20 (as opposed to $40 for a non-Nordstrom item).

    Mcb100: Yes, I believe they do tops as well but it may be cheaper for you to get it altered at an outside tailor depending on where you purchased the item (non-Nordstrom?) and the complexity of your request. Drycleaners, for one, have much more reasonable alteration prices; my boyfriend's parents own a drycleaners and they only charge $8 for a hem if that's any indication. I can't remember how much they charge to make a jacket smaller; under $30, I know that. I would definitely shop around for a tailor!
  5. I've brought jeans that I purchased outside and I suppose they thought it ws from there because they didn't charge me extra. But I was worried because there are different prices for store bought and not store bought items.
  6. Cool, thanks! I wasn't really worried about the price so much since I figured they'd charge me anyway.