Anyone get anything from the Gucci sales?

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  1. I feel like such a loser! I've been waiting for this darn sale and I ususally logon to the website as soon as it turns midnight of the sale. I totally forgot it was today! I checked it out and didn't see anything I really needed.. I was just wondering if anyone got anything amazing off the sale or the in store sale.

    I was trying to be good and not go pre sale. I already bought that wallet which wasn't on sale. Sooooo I'm hoping to live through my fellow Gucci aficionados.
  2. I ordered the Veruska patent leather pumps but no bag.
  3. Darn this purse ban!!! I hope everyone gets some goodies!!
  4. The sale didn't even show up online at midnight.

    When it did show up....I didn't see anything exciting.

  5. I got the large white leather bouvier hobo with a brown and gold strip down the middle. it was reg 1250 and i got it for 746!
  6. I got the medium horsebit in congac for 620 on presale. They shouldve shipped yesterday! I cant wait to get it!
  7. TDF!!! Post pics when you get it!!! Congrats!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. are the sale items on the website the same item they have for sale in stores?
  9. Sounds like some of you got some great deals! I definitely want to see pics when they arrive.

    divadarlinn - I think the same items are on sale but the selection definitely is different. Even better if you can get presale!
  10. Did anyone check the Saks site? the large Bouvier hobo in black leather was on sale for a split second 2 nights ago!

    Has anyone seen that one on sale at the Saks store? or Gucci for that matter? it is the one i'm dying for!! So...if anyone has seen either the med. or large bouvier hobo in black or black guccisima on sale, please let me know where!! i have bf willing to give it to me for Christmas : )
  11. Yeah nothing really caught my eye. My friend scored a waist bag with the red white and blue strap for $279. I usually like to buy new cruise goodies..:roflmfao:
  12. Here is a picture of my bag I got from the sale. It is much prettier in person. I love her!
  13. gucci fan...that bag is HOT!
  14. I usually do the midnight thing too. haha But Im saving bigtime right now (definite purse ban).....

    They had gucci_fan's bag on sale during the summer too. Aniko, congrats. heh

    Im looking at the sale stuff online.....there's actually a bag I wanted, a boston, marked down to $1009 from $1690. $%^#. But its the off-white, and I wanted the black. Ah man, this is painful. :cursing: They have that ugly velvet mushroom handbag marked down. lol They have the dark pink bags, and those weird denim numbers on-sale too.
  15. omg.....visited Gucci store at Bal Harbour in Miami today.....they have a huge selection of sale Gucci bags..better than Saks or Neimans...a really varied assortment..but ended up getting, at Neimans because i wanted to use my NM charge, the medium size Jackie O in the black background floral (14 x 9). But, I don't get it...does Neiman price their bags a little higher than they should? My bag at Gucci was $469, at NM same bag is $532...I have heard that NM does this...anyone else ever have this experience/ It annoys me............but i couldnt buy it if didn't use NM charge.....:wtf: