Anyone get a nasty summer cold?

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  1. I have been laid up for the last 4 days with a kick my butt summer cold!
    Started out with a bad sore throat, then runny nose then the cough. Ended up at my MD Monday because I was coughing up green stuff.:yucky:
    Now I'm on antibiotics and finally ate after not eating for two days.
    DH is getting it now. I still have a headache too!:crybaby:Hope you all stay well!!!
  2. Feel better soon soccermom, you and your husband! Thats terrible. Yes actually I did get a horrible summer cold earlier this summer. Took me out for 3 days :sad: All better now though! Get some rest and drink plenty of fluids, lol :P
  3. I've had that, too! Although, I'm not sure if it's allergies or that cold you were talking about. I woke up last Sunday and immediately thought, "Okay, THAT's not normal!" My head was stuffed / runny and I had a sore throat. Not the "I swallowed glass" kind but the "dull, kind of annoying" kind.
  4. Ugh - I had the same thing over 4th of July - started with a sore throat and then turned into congestion, then runny nose, cough and ear ache. I ended up with a sinus infection and antibiotics. It took me about 2 weeks to finally get it all out of my system.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  5. this year i was lucky to not get it but usually yeah every year it is the switch between desert heat aircon desert heat

    but hope you´ll get better soon :flowers:
  6. hope you feel better soon!!!
    i get sick during the summer months but its all allergy related. i have been treated from bronchitis already 3 times and its only july.
  7. my twins :sad: they're just getting over it now.
  8. My DH is coming home now from work sick. He's trying to get a MD appt. for today. I am still stuffed up and coughing, but the headache is gone!:yahoo: What a bunch we are!
  9. I just got over a horrible cold. Too bad this morning I had a major nose bleed because my nose got too dry and a vessel popped. What else is new???
  10. The clinic called this morning and my throat culture came in -

    I have strepp throat.

    aghhh, I hate being slowed down in the summer like this!
  11. Mine's not anything as bad as that, but I am constantly waking up feeling like I'm hungover, and today I was talking to my mom over the phone and she asked me if I was crying...nope just a cold!

    Get some rest and feel better everyone!!

  12. Oooh no, get some antibiotics, strep is dangerous in adults. Take care of yourself.
  13. I ALWAYS... and I mean *ALWAYS* get sick in the summer... I'm sick right now.. luckily it's a little slow at work, so my boss sent me home.

    I used to get bronchitis every summer in august like clockwork.. but now it's sinus infections... and now i've got some crazy head virus. Ugh! Being sick in the summer sucks so bad.
  14. I've kinda had starts developing with a sore throat, I sleep a lot that day, and it disappears, and then it pops back up like 2-3 days later..I wish it would just come and let me get over it. My brother has had a bad cold this week too :sad:
  15. Yup, I just caught something nasty Friday. Was completely laid up by Saturday and Sunday. Had to postpone my business trip to FL until Tuesday.