anyone from US purchased from Louisaviaroma before?

  1. is there anyone from US who purchased balenciaga from tell me your experience about importing tax and things. I am trying to buy a GH brief from there since I can not find any navy brief in US, but their information about "U.S import requirement" kind of scares me. If you have previous experience with them, please share it me with me.

  2. Actually, Neiman Marcus @ King of Prussia mall has the Marine GH brief that you are looking for!

    Call them, asap and ask for Nicole.
  3. Thanks,
    but, I am still torn between Marine and aquamarine.. is there any chance that they have aquamarine also?:sweatdrop:
    maybe I should call her first thing in the morning.
  4. Neiman Marcus at TYSONS GALLERIA - Mclean, VA has the Aquamarine Brief w/ GH...come to think of it, then may have the Marine Brief w/ GH as well.