Anyone from UK bought fom LT?

  1. I have spotted something on LT that I really like :graucho: But I was wondering about the tax I would have to pay when it arrives? Does he/she ever mark the price down (I know it's naughty but the the total price I would rather buy new).
    What do I do?? :confused1:

  2. ive looked at a few items on there but never bought. I dont really understand his payment or shipping policies so ive avoided him.

    E-mail and see what they say about international Taxes and costs. From time to time they do get some beautiful LE items *sigh*

  3. His prices on the website include express shipping :yes::yes: and he accepts payment via paypal. Totally legitimate and trusty.. there is no need to avoid!! ;)
    And he does not declare full value cos he does not want us to incur tax :nuts::nuts:
  4. ITA. on his site, you don't bid like eBay. you just purchase via paypal and the price includes shipping. so it's easy peasy. and his shipping is super duper fast. i ordered something on a late thurs night and got it monday! also, he's very cordial and always replies to your questions via email as well so if you have any questions, make sure you ask before you buy. :yes: good luck!
  5. yeh you should ask about how he labels the package! Becuase when I got my fuschia speedy from the states the lady put the actual price of the bag and i had to pay £130 in taxes!!!!!!
  6. Thanks ladies for the info, you have just made me more tempted to buy something :graucho: (I'm not complaining :p ).

    Luva Pug, £130 ouch!! :push::wtf:
  7. It happened to me before when i bought something from the States.. i paid the same amount of taxes as you did on a pre-loved bag.. :wtf: and the bag only cost £400 ++ so thats more than 25% :crybaby::crybaby:
  8. Yea i was wondering about LT cus i spotted me a Vernis Indiego wallet :drool:
  9. This "LT" site sounds wonderful. Anyone got the website address?