anyone (from the Uk) knows if HARRODS...

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  1. puts a discount on everything when they have sale ?

  2. not everything no. Especially the time pieces and fine jewellery, they also have a Tiffany in store, so these things are often excluded from the sale. Was there something specific that you wanted, as there are two sales a year, one just after Christmas, and one in high summer. It is true that to get the good deals you really do have to go on the opening day, after that, forget it, as all the good stuff has gone, and the store resembles a jumble sale after that.
  3. Oooo i would love to go there! some day!
  4. thanks for the answer.
    well actually i forgot about the tiffany store and the jewellery in there. of course this wont go on sale and i guess also the furniture and so on.
    i was more thinking of designer bags (especially bags)and clothes.
    i have been there just once at day2 or 3 and harrods looked like a bomb fell in ;)
    someone told me clothes and accessories are 50 percent off and people already queue the night before the are open for sale ;)
  5. Man...I went to London for my honeymoon (13 years ago).....I still can remember Harrods so vividly!!! What a store....nothing like it anywhere!!!

  6. :smile:
  7. i went to the harrods sale a couple of years ago there was a Q outside of the store to get in the Gucci section. it went right along the front of the store and it was FREEZING!!!
  8. I don't think LV would be on sale either..
  9. Ohh harrods is almost magical...i love it..n very recently my bro bought me a lovely ferragamo handbag from harrods...
  10. I went last June, I think I was there the third of fourth day after the sales started.
    Bags: almost every designer had SOME bags on sale mostly seasonal pieces, no classics. Great choice, not only weird colors but also black, I think 30-50% off.
    Clothes: Seasonal clothes on sale, but you have to go through a lot of racks. Mostly 40-50% off if I remember correctly
    Shoes: Again, great variety of shoes on sale but not very organized, about 30-40% off I think.

    I went on a monday morning so it was not that bad!
  11. I love Rods!
  12. Hi!
    This one is 3 yrs old, feel free to start a new thread in our General Shopping Forum :tender:
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