Anyone from Texas...

  1. San Antonio, specifically. We are heading to SA this week for a soccer tournament. What is the weather like this time of year? I looked online and it is forcasting "showers" for this weekend. Should we expect a downpour or it is more typical to be sprinkles this time of year? Is it windy? Do you still have grass? :smile: I am just wondering what to pack, etc.

    Also, any good shopping downtown? :p

  2. My Mom is in Texas, but she is in the Austin area. I can ask her for you, but it might be too far from where you are going. You can also Google online to find out about the weather. HTH!
    Have a blast!
  3. I am!!! Not really sure what the weather's gonna be like... hopefully it'll be sunny like it was today!
  4. go to, it'll give you the lowdown:yes:
    Fun shopping on the riverwalk and good eats too!
  5. The rain clouds and lower temps are heading to San Antonio this weekend but compared to Colorado it will be warm to you. The shops at La Cantera are always a great time next to Fiesta World, Riverwalk for sure is another good shopping place... Have fun and welcome to Texas....:yes:
  6. Rainclouds.. crap. I hope they don't hit Austin as I just got the filthmobile washed...

    And I would agree.. low temps here do not = Colorado. :yes: