Anyone from Singapore?

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  1. How long is the waiting time to get the Birkin or kelly bag in Singapore? And how much does it cost?:confused1:
  2. I placed my Birkin order at the end of 2003, and received it in late 2005. It was a vert anis togo, and cost S$12700 at the time.
  3. wow thats like 2 years :wtf: wonder if the waiting list is still open...
  4. Plenty of SG ladies here.
  5. Unfortunately it's closed, wubble.

    Welcome to the Hermes sub-forum. :flowers:
  6. Yup, it's already closed now, wubble. But my suggestion is to always ask, ask, ask. And drop by Hermes stores when you travel abroad. You'll just never know...;)
  7. How if I try my luck in 2nd hand birkin bag?How much does it costs me?Do you gals know where I can get that 2nd hand hermes stuff in Singapore?
  8. There is a second hand store at Tanglin Shopping Centre (either basement or street level) and many birkins and Kellys line the display window.

    Prices are much higher than the retail price from the H store but as with all resale birkins on eBay, it's usually more than retail.

    I hear there's another one at United Square. Hopefully someone who has been there can chime in.
  9. Mrssparkles...thanks for the information...:heart:
    How about near Orchard?Because I know that Orchard is verry popular for shopping..:drool:
  10. Tanglin Shopping Centre is in the vicinity. It's close to Hilton Hotel.
  11. Welcome to the forum! :yes:

    I was at United Square today, saw an orange 30cm Birkin at the luxury handbags store. It is at Novena MRT Station, 2 stations away from Orchard MRT Station. The store is very near to United Square taxi stand, hope this helps. Good luck ;)

  12. Right by the Novena MRT station.. ;) Thanks Amanda!
  13. OMG..U guys are really helping,thank you so muachh..:yahoo::yahoo::love::love:
  14. But truth be told, nothing beats getting a bag directly from Hermes. The sensation, the pampering etc etc is simply amazing. Every SA will cheer for you!
  15. Agree with you totally..But I thing its almost not possible for me to get that chance:crybaby:
    Thanks for the advice,I will try it again on my next visit to Singapore:okay:The address you gave me would just help me if I dont get anything from the H :tup:counter
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