Anyone from Singapore bought from Joanna at Prada Hawaii in the last 2 days?

  1. Are u able to post the pix of bags on sale from Joanna?
  2. You can check the sale thread where all the bags were listed :smile: have fun shopping!
  3. Yes she will - mine was stamped "Prada Kalakaua, Prada Hawaii Corp". :biggrin:
  4. Hi twishie,

    i am new to this.
    may i know are you buying the prada tessuto bow bn1778? how much is the bag?
  5. both sizes are priced at US$715. factor in shipping and GST.. it should come up abit more than S$1.1K?

    according to joanna, BN1778 is the larger one but spore SA said BN1778 is the smaller one. quite confusing. nevertheless, i had the larger one which wasn't avail in SG. I sold it to get the smaller one.. can't wait to get it (hopefully this week!!).:yahoo:
    tessuto bow tote.JPG
  6. Hi twishie,

    Thanks for your information.
  7. Twishie! Pls do a reveal once u got it! Lovely bag! I am contemplating :p
  8. JUST GOT MY PRADA BAG from Joanna .. It chase my monday blues away...............
    30609_432312355742_530705742_6270968_5054149_n.jpg 30609_432312365742_530705742_6270969_1100764_n.jpg 32129_432312370742_530705742_6270970_8012552_n.jpg 30609_432312375742_530705742_6270971_3353169_n.jpg
  9. just a follow-up.. after everything, I finally managed to get my BN1778 yesterday and I'm using it today!! love love love.. tessuto is esp good since it's raining cats and dogs today!! will try to post photos soon.
  10. Is the sale from Prada Hawaii still on?

    May want to get some bags from Joanna. How to get the price and the sale items? Just email her with her name 'Joanna' under subject line?
  11. hi everyone, i've a few questions if anyone can help.
    Does anyone know if Prada in Melbourne is cheaper than in Singapore? and how much can you save if you purchase from Prada Hawaii comparing to the prices in Singapore..
    thank u girls.. eyeing a gaufre bag at the moment which is sort of beige in color..
  12. Not sure about melb prices. Comparing sg with Hawaii, after adding in taxes n shipping, you probably save a couple of hundreds? I'm looking to get a tessuto gaufre too but SA kept saying no stock :sad:
  13. thanks. was looking at the tessuto gaufre in alluminio..
  14. hi girls, im interested in ordering, may i know how to contact Joanna? Thanks a mill!
  15. hihi.. you can just drop her an email ( and put Joanna in the subject title :smile: