Anyone from Singapore bought from Joanna at Prada Hawaii in the last 2 days?

  1. here's her e mail add
    Has anyone ordered from Joanna in Hawaii recently? I tried to contact her but haven't gotten any reply yet!
  2. hey ladies, can someone that has been or is living in Singapore please give me some advice? I am heading to Singapore next week and thinking of making a purchase from the Prada duty free store at Changi airport but after reading this thread will it be cheaper to purchase from Joanna in Hawaii? I'm from Australia so the prices are really marked up here.

    Would be great to hear your opinions!
  3. I think it depends on the model and current price - I heard Prada Hawaii has realigned their prices so the disparity may not be huge now. I bought my nappa gaufre tote from Joanna when they were offering a discount and I saved around $1500 compared to boutique price in Singapore. If you have a particular model in mind it be worth to call up the stores for a price check before you buy.
  4. hi..anyone know how much is the full leather Prada Bn1789 in Milan? i heard u can get a good price at the Fox Town there..
  5. Oz $ is 30% higher than sgd$
    U can claim tax which might b 5% (tax is 7%) but u don't get all back due to Svc charges etc
    I will advise u to check with Joanne first n then when u come to sg check the price n compare
    It might b cheaper for u here. For us when we buy frm Joanne we factored in 7% n shipping. I bought mine before they adjust their price to US stores. So I have no idea abt the diff now.
  6. Does anyone know if Joanna still with prada? Wanna get something from her but she didn't reply my emails....
  7. She does not work there anymore.
    It's a bummer, because I think she is a super efficient SA! She keeps you updated with Sales. She answers all questions no matter how silly. She will do research on leather and past colors if needed. I love her!!!
    Now that she no longer works there, another SA got in touch with me, and let me tell you this, he sucks! He is not on the same level of customer service as Joanna's.
    Moving on...
  8. But comparing the price increase now to last time, it ain't cheaper anymore rite???
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    HI! joanna, yeah she isn't working there anymoe...which is a bummer. used to order from her too! but yea, thankfully i found a friend who i able to do shipping too but from england WAY CHEAPER compared to singapore.

    Kindly let me know who is interested and i would have to ask my friend to ensure if they are up for it :smile: as you know, i rather not put my friends details up here as i would wanna respect their privacy.

    if so, reply back on this post and i can see what i can do! :smile: can't pm at the moment as i just joined the forum :p
  10. Hey im interested, kindly share more.:biggrin:
  11. hihi i m keen to get prada too. pls sens me info.

    Also since Joanna do not workthere anymore.
    Is there any other SA who is nice to help ??
  12. You can put 'Myong' on the subject field.
    She was the SA who replied my enquiries.
    But, of cos, Joanna is still the best. Fast and sincere.
  13. Thanks dear. So disappointed. I join the thread too late..
  14. Hi, I am very new on tpf. But I am very keen on Hawaii Prada sale. Anyone in Singapore here?
  15. hi all, has anyone bought anything from Myong?