Anyone from Singapore bought from Joanna at Prada Hawaii in the last 2 days?

  1. new to this forum and just found out about joanna. can anyone PM me please the email and telephone number of joanna as i would like to order from her also? Thank you!!!
  2. ^^^ Here it is! Put Joanna's name in subject line!:biggrin:
  3. dear all,
    i am losing zz these nights, caught in dilemma whether to buy in store or online!!
    Whether a Saffiano & Tessuto Tote or a Nappa Gaufre BN1407??
    At ION, i think i saw BN1407 but not sure.. cos I dare not check inside for details..
    But not the other one.
    So, getting via this Joanna is a good choice?
    pls help me decide..
  4. Hi more LVs pls
    I m new here so I can't pm you...yes, ION is selling Nappa Gaufre BN1407 for $1970..I am not sure about online. Or which website you go. Just received an email from Joanna's colleague on their sale items..still deciding whether to buy from them. But strictly personally...It will be good to go feel and see the product at the shop before committing...since its convenient for us in Singapore. Just my opinion.
    rgds blue horizon
  5. Hi Blue Horizon,
    The Nappa Gaufre is at SGD3,910 instead. ;)

    Hi moreLvs,
    if you order from Joanna, please remember shipping + 7% GST that will be imposed, but you will still save a few hundred..


  6. Blue Horizon : thanks.. i did feel Nappa Gaufre during one of my past visits.. like the softness.. and the Jute color at looks appealing, at 1580euro..

    skyez : tks for the price info and advice.. I'm sure hb will kill me if i disclose real price!

    This is the reason I still hoping for it after 2 years of in/out ION/Paragon..
    Then Saffiano & Tessuto Tote, any comment? Does store here carry past seasons stock?
  7. hi, I just wonder if Joanna will put the stamp on the authenticity card? the Prada sales is going on now for VIP and fri for public. I have seen the range and not so much of what I wanted even tho I can beat the crowd if I wan as my gf is a VIP. But juz nothing caught my eyes.
    Anyone keen on anything?

    Btw, how much cheaper can we get given that we can share the shipping? anyone wanna buy together?
  8. biba: what's on sale in prada paragon? no chance the tessuto bow is on sale right? i might buy from joanna eventually... item not on sale now so no hurry.

    US$50 shipping.. shld be able to fit 2-3 bags.
  9. Actually, I saw something I fancy at Paragon, it is retailing at 3K plus I think...... silly me didnt thot of taking down the item code...... hope tmr I can go down and check it out..... :nogood: anyone knows which websites carry a wide range of Prada bags, search thru Styledrops, bluefly etc.... they dun have the model....
  10. twishie,
    the sales range is very similar to wat Joanna has posted here. I saw a denim grandma kinda tote and the latest clear tote, the bow is not ard..but drawstring type in yellow leather, yes. wallets oso available... i went to ION outlet.
  11. biba: thanks.. I just checked out the paragon store during sale.. not as exciting. oh well, guess that means I'll probably get the tessuto bow and the sale satchel. I'm already sharing shipping with another girl.. but I think we have space for one more bag/wallet.. gimme a PM if you gals wanna share :smile:
  12. Dear twishie..sori I can't PM you cos i m new...thinking of buying from does the sharing work? many thanks
  13. hmm... just email Joanna your order. let her know you're sharing shipping with Cheryl/Tricia so she'll pack everything into one package. standard shipping fee of US$50 to be split. do note that you'll need to factor in 7% GST at customs :smile:
  14. Joanna just emailed a whole lot of new bags on sale - those keen might want to write to her for details and pics ~