Anyone from Singapore bought from Joanna at Prada Hawaii in the last 2 days?

  1. Hi erinz..

    I have seen BN 1336 in alluminio at the paragon boutique yesterday...
  2. Hi ladies, can you enlighten me on how to order a prada bag from hawaii? I am thinking of buying the prada nappa gauffre BN1336 in black or the newer colour
  3. I googled "Prada Hawaii" and then I picked up the phone and called them. :p
  4. Yes, it is 2010 and Google has the answers. I love Google! :smile:
  5. I'm deliberating between ordering a Prada from Joanna or a Bbag from Erica! :shrugs:
    Will PM you if I decide on the former :smile:
  6. mater which one u choose... its will eb good
  7. Hi.. Anyone from Singapore has bought from Joanna from Hawaii? Please share the process - eg how long it takes to arrive.
  8. what do you think of the color aluminio?i am planning to get the bn 1336 in black but unfortunately the SA here in the Philippines said only the aluminio will be arriving in March.
  9. ^lucile, get it from Joanna of Prada Hi... prices there are crazy low! :nuts:

    i got my nappa bn1789 from her for like 80k php (w/ $50 shipping to hkg - tax-free perk!) last dec. and while i didn't have it yet, excited, i walked in our boutique to get a feel, but they were sold out long ago... though i requested the SA to look up the price it went for, and guess how much? over 120k! :shocked:
  10. purse-nality, i know, i know prices here are insanely high.the price for the tessuto gaufre bn1336 is 84k.but i am worried of the customs tax.would you be kind enough to let me know of the process?TIA
  11. Hi, I got a hobo bag from her end of last year during the Black Friday sale.
    You need to fill up a form to charge your credit card and sign it and Joanna will process it.

    I must say it's a breeze and lucky she got everything right in the sales chaos. I think it came like 1-2 weeks after my order was processed.

    You should ask for a Fedex tracking number so that you can track your parcel.

    She will not be able to under-declare for you to avoid the GST.

  12. pursenality *waves* great to see you here ;)
  13. Oh yes, if anybody is thinking of getting anything during the sale, perhaps we should all combine our purchases together to save on shipping. *grinz*
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    i know... for this very reason, i've never, and will not EVER attempt to have anything over $200 shipped here from any store! maybe if there was a fixed percentage, but from hearsay, it totally varies. seems like if the inspection officer is having a "bad day", we're doomed!

    anyhow, i usually have items shipped to relatives in the states instead, or a friend residing in hkg. though w/ Prada-Hi, they can only send to the same billing address on your cc... so my friend, also a bag-ho, was super extra kind to lend me her cc and had it shipped to her home... hkg folks are sooo blessed! tax-free import for personal goods is simply a bonus! :biggrin:
  15. hi ya sweetie! i know! i guess i had/have a tote itch(es?) that our dear CC luv just couldn't scratch! :amuse: