Anyone from Singapore bought from Joanna at Prada Hawaii in the last 2 days?

  1. Im from Vancouver, please keep me in loop if you are going to purchase something from Joanna.
  2. Yes. Received! Thanks alot..


  4. Hi Audreeey just email you please check.
  5. Hi Anyone of you here order the sale items from Joanna? She just processed my two items (bag and pouch) this morning, and keep it on the side. Joanna will be getting another shipment next week so she will email me, in case I want to add anything else to ship out together.

  6. Hi joycebabyteo

    Would you mind forwarding me the email on the sales item too??

    Feel happy on your new purchase !!! post pics ok !! :nuts:

    Many thanksssssss!!
  7. Hi! summer1308
    Please check your mail.
  8. Hi, does anyone in sg interested to share shipping? pls pm me asap.
  9. Well received. Thanks very much!!! :biggrin:

  10. The same for me. I ask her to put aside for me n see if there is anything else to add next week.
  11. Hi twishie,happy belated birthday to you..:flowers:

    Gals,Im keen to order prada shoulder bag,can I share shipping with you gals?

    Can email me the prada sales pics & price? Million of thanks gals..:ty:
  12. I'm not in Singapore, but I bought my tessuto gaufre bn1788 from joanna today!
  13. Hi Sabinalynn

    Tessuto gaufre bn1788 is a nice bag, can I ask is shoulder carry,and is on sale item or not?
  14. Email Cherie at the other Prada in Hawaii. She has a lot of pictures of bags that are on sale and helped me select one at a great price.

  15. Yes, its a 3way bag.

    According to Joanna, Tessuto Bow BN1778 is discontinued and has been replaced by the newer style BN1970. It is pretty much the same size but main difference is the opening has no zipper, it is a button closure. Also the handles are a bit longer and can be dropped easily to the inside so when you wear the long strap, you can have a cleaner look without the handles dangling outside of the bag.

    BN1970 is on sale too but only geranio color, after discount $507.50.