Anyone from Singapore bought from Joanna at Prada Hawaii in the last 2 days?

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  1. Hihi

    Just wondering..

    i didn't ask joanna about this.

    I want to buy a phone charm from Joanna... you know one of those dangly things.. She told me that the shipping costs will still be USD50 despite the size and weight of the charm.. (it's probablyjust as long as my baby finger.. and probably weighs less than 20 grams?

    Well.. anyway,l think it just doesn't make sense for me to pay USD50 for the shipping when the phone charm costs only USD85

    So i am wondering if there's someone who doesn't mind my phone charm teddy bear taking a ride in their Fedex box? I mean if there's anyone who has bought from Joanna in these two days, and will be expecting her to ship soon

    It's a favour.. no doubt.. as i would have to meet you to collect my phone charm. I understand i would have to share my cost of shipping.

    Please PM me if you can help!


    If there's someone who can help.. i will let joanna know about it.. and i guess i would need to trouble you to email her to confirm as well
  2. I just ordered my bag from Joanna today and she told me it will be out tomorrow not sure whether she has sent it to Fedex..I dun mind sharing the shipping coz I'm actually looking for someone to share the cost..
  3. Hi Shakmh,

    how much would you like me to pay for the shipping? Dun worry.. just name me and i will see if it's worth it..

    Hope you don't mind me asking you..

    the cost of my cellular phone charm is USD85.

    Thanks a lot for responding!


    PM me?
  4. Sorry I just read my email..the package shld be out as she has already email me the Fedex tracking no.
  5. no worries.. guess i will just have to buy from singapore then ;)

    thanks anyway for responding

    maybe in future, we shall check with each other when we are planning to order

  6. sure no problem :smile:
  7. i can get it form u since we r from SINGAPORE..hehehe

    .i am oging back to singapore in jul/aug if u cna wait that long or mail to u ealrier..
  8. hehee..

    i am afraid i might have fallen out of love with the keychain by then.

    but thanks for the offer :smile:
  9. no prob... SG is too expensive to shop even on sale...i am thinkig of getting the valentone bear
  10. Hi Mave...

    There's hope yet! I'm ordering something... =P PM me!

    I know I said I was aiming for a dark colored gauffre... but I fell in love with the Alluminio color... =P

  11. Hi all, I am new here. How do I get Joanna's contact?
  12. Pixielexie are you getting the bn1336 in Alluminio? that caught my eye too...hahaha..but dont dare to get it as have not seen the IRL. Take pics once you got it yah :P

    that aside..good idea to share shipping for our next prada purchase from Joanna :P
  13. Hey Erinz! BN1336 was my initial order... But I decided to go down to the boutique to check out both models and the other screamed out to me more!!!!!! So I changed my order to the other instead - BN1788... :nuts:

    1336 comes across as squarish... and the handles are too short for me to squeeze my arms through to hang the bag on my shoulder, whereas, I could still do that for 1788 (not exactly most comfortably but at least I still could...) I think it should be here before the LNY! So will take picts!! :yahoo:
  14. Nice pixielady! I can't hang my bn1792 on my shoulder too!! Grr. Didu check it out at spore stores, which outlet? Thought of dropping by to ask if they can help with my shoulder strap
  15. Btw how much is bn1788? Bn1366 still at $1115?