Anyone from seattle?

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  1. I just recently moved to the area about three weeks ago. I have been debating on getting a speedy 30. However I am in love with the speedy 30 in the mono and that is the one that I have been wanting. I am a little nervous because it rains here quite often so should I go ahead and get the one I love or get the damier ebene speedy 30? I like the ebene print just dont love it like I do the mono.
  2. I'm from Oregon, similar weather here.

    I have a mono Totally and a Neverfull in ebene
    I only use the Totally in the summer because I don't want water spots on the straps. I use the Ebene the whole spring, fall and winter because it's low maintenance, just wipe with a towel or a tissue if it's wet.
  3. I have the mono speedy 30 And I love it!!! But I do get a little paranoid when it rains and I'm carrying it. I've been caught in the rain a few times but luckily it's still perfect. I would recommend buying the DE for the rainy days ( which is most of the time) and later on buying the mono for the sunny days. But if you have your heart set on the mono I say get it:smile: its such a beautiful bag! Sorry I don't think I helped much but follow your heart!:smile:
  4. I say get the mono. You seem more committed to it. After you break it in and the bag starts to patina, you will feel more comfortable wearing it on those rainy days. If you get the ebene it seems like you just won't love it as much so go for what you love :smile: