Anyone from Seattle or knows about the shopping in Seattle?


Jan 10, 2006
I'm going to drive down to Seattle Wa to buy a Bottega Veneta and a Fendi spy purse. The only problem is i don't know where to find the stores that sell them? please give me some ideas and phone numbers would be great too so i can call ahead of time and have items placed on hold. thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the only place you may find these are at Nordstrom downtown or Bellevue square. Just call Nordstrom and they'll find them for you and have them shipped to their store for you to pick up if they don't have them. No one else is going to have them. Shopping isn't so great in Seattle. I always go to Portland to Saks, and no tax.
don't forget...seattle has a Barneys! (small store but they do carry Balenciaga and may also still have some Fendi). Also there is a store called Mario's on 6th avenue in downtown Seattle- they carry a lot of high end designers as well. For Bottega, you will have to go to Nordstorms. Good luck! :biggrin: