Anyone from San Diego going to the Pick a Purse Party?

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  1. San Diego's Radio Station is hosting a Pick a Purse Party.

    They say they are having a ton of name brand purses (LV, Gucci, Prada, etc...) and all the purses are stuffed with goodies: massages, gift certificates, and the ultimate prize is a $10K check.

    Everyone that gets an invite gets a purse at the door.

    I am dying to go but I know the chances are slim. Just wondered if anyone got an invite and if they do go, will you tell me all about it? I am curious to hear what kind of purses they are handing out, etc....

  2. Are you in SD? I'm dying to go too!
  3. yup? You? I am in Carlsbad.
  4. Wow! First, I didn't even know Jeff and Jer changed stations again! LOL I guess I've been away too long. I would love to win an invite to this thing. I'll start listening online!

    BTW, anybody recognize that bag on the promo banner??

    Have you seen those daily dream bags though? Coach? Juicy?
  5. How cool is that? So I take it you have to listen to the station to win an invitation???????? Too bad we don't get that in AZ.
  6. i'm in SD. when does it start and when's it end?
  7. now that sounds like my kind of party!
  8. that's so cool!!

    i always knew cali was better than oregon...i wonder why all you guys keep moving up here. :smile:
  9. It's wayyyyy cheaper to live in Oregon and no sales tax! :biggrin:
  10. oh yeah. no sales tax, cheaper, the air is cleaner. i remember now. :smile: but it's warm there! :smile:

    ok. i'm done hijacking the thread.
  11. That is so cool.
  12. ^ bumping this b/c I'm also in SD and would like to know this info as well....
  13. It may have already started because they've been posting a dream bag. The purse party is on April 19 so it should end before then. Remember, no Jeff and Jer on weekends!