Anyone from paris willing to help with some research for me please...................

  1. My son & his girlfriend are going to paris on the 14th. July for 3 nights. As it is his first trip away alone I would love some help with information.

    1. I didn't realise when they booked that 14th. is Bastille Day so if they get into Paris from CDG will they have problems getting a taxi to hotel? Internet articles say the city is crazy this day.
    I hope there will be no danger of rioting on Bastille day after the riots last night. I am a real worrier :smile:

    2. He wants to visit Bois de Vincennes Zoo, will it be open this weekend - Sunday 15th? & are the Giant Panda still there?

    3. Other attractions like Louvre, Eiffel Tour, Jardins de Plantes etc will they be open at this national holiday time - the 15th & 16th?

    4. Will the stores be open 15th & 16th?

    I ask these questions as when a holiday falls on a saturday here it is usual for places to be closed on the following Monday.

    If this is the case i will try to change their dates, it would be awful to go & find everything closed.

    Any other tips/recommendations for them would be gratefully received. It has been over 20 years since I was in Paris but aim on going this summer :smile:

    If anyone wants me to look for anything in LV for them I will be very happy to do so or my sons girlfriend will with pleasure.

  2. I should add that the Bois de Vincennes doesn't have a proper website or I would contact them myself. If anyone in Paris could call them to ask they will be open on the 15th & 16th July I would be very grateful Here is the number 0033143459261 I called myself but my French is very rusty, long time since school LOL noone there who spoke English & I'm afraid he got very irate at my attempt to converse in French LOL I am happy to pay for any phone calls
  3. Hi I live in the States now but I lived in Paris for years.

    1. The city does get crazy on Bastille Day but most of the problems are after dark when people have been drinking for hours non-stop. Getting a taxi at CDG should not be a problem though. The taxi lines are always stretched a mile long but they move very fast.

    2. The Zoo should be open 9am to 6:30 PM. Their website lists those hours as Sunday and Holiday hours. Sorry but I think the panda died a few years ago. I'm not sure if they ever got another one.

    3. Everything else should be open. Websites list the following: Louvre 9am - 6pm, Eiffel tower 9am - 12:45am, le Jardin des Plantes 7am - 8pm

    4. Most stores are closed on Sundays but perhaps the ones in the tourist areas remain open. For example I do know that most of the stores along the Champs-Élysées are open every day including Sunday. LV on Champs-Élysées is open every day for sure.

    The only tip I have is they should try to stay off the roads after dark on Bastille day. I got into a terrible car accident one Bastille day a few years ago. The driver hit us head on. He was high, was doing 80 and crossed the median. Thank God my friend and I were in a jeep and wearing seatbelts. Every body walked away from the accident but while I was in the hospital the surgeon told me that we should not have lived much less walked away.
    I don't mean to scare you but if they can avoid getting into a car that night it would be good. Metro should be open late.
    Hope this helps!
  4. Hi La miss,]

    Thanks so much for reply,

    OMG that is awful about the accident, thank God you were ok.

    Your information has been very helpful, thank you again. Too sad about the Panda :sad:

    They will get the shuttle bus from CDG then have to get a taxi to hotel that is the part that worries me.
  5. I went to Paris an few years ago and it just happeneed to be a bank/public holiday if I recall correctly no shops where open but like I say it was a few years ago things may have changed
  6. If the shuttle bus drops them off in the city then they should look for a taxi stand. Tell them to look for the blue taxi signs. They may have to wait in line but the lines move very quickly. Worst case scenario they may have to hail a taxi but they should look for the taxi stand first.
    If they are being dropped off in a busy area this should not be a problem.
  7. Thanks La, thats good to know the correct taxi to take

    Label How disapointing for you! I hope the Monday is not a holiday.
  8. I am not from Paris So I am of no help.
  9. Don´t worry.....
    The 14th July is the national day in France, which means everything is closed. And the President (a new one this year:push: ) goes on the Champs Elysees in a sort of parade with some military troops. So all the streets around that area will be locked.
    As a part of the population is upset about that new President and the fact that ít´s national day with some celebration and fireworks, at the end of the night they might burn some cars, but don´t worry it´s not violence against other people, no shooting, nothing, and just go to bed before that happens (around 1 am) !!....
    And mostly take the metro, because there will be a rush on the taxis. But getting from CDG to Paris center should be absolutely no problems
    The shops will be closed on the 14th and also the 15th (sunday, except the Champs Elysées shops) and some can be closed on monday but only small shops I guess.
    But all the rest is open Museums, Eiffel Tower and all the tourist sites, Montmartre cafés....
  10. Thank you for your information & honesty. I am a bit worried about the possibility of trouble that night, young people are curious maybe go to see & get injured. perhaps I will try to change his times there
  11. LOL I love how you just drop that in there public holiday, new president, parade blah blah burning cars, shops closed, tourist bits open.

    Is car burning a big problem in France it seems to be quite common or is that just news people blowing it out of proportion.
  12. ^^^^^
    Label the new President sarkozy had previously said that immigrant youth (I think who were involved in rioting) were scum that should be hosed off the streets so his election will have further polarised communities in Paris.I would expect the violent outbursts to continue.
  13. I went to Paris twice last year and I miss it terribly.

    But while I was there there was some rioting because of the infamous CPE. It wasn't too difficult to avoid where the rioting is and just watch the police. They closed off roads and whatnot to ensure public safety.
  14. Thanks Kaytay, I am a silly worrying mum LOL
  15. :p oh yeah well, a bit blasée....My point is it´s not dangerous, the police is there to ensure safety. And it´s certainly not as bad as the foreign medias love to make it sound !!! There are tons of tourists in that period of time , your sons will have a good time in the center of Paris (which is safe) !