Anyone from overseas and purchase @NM

  1. I got canceled a quite lot orders from NM due to I used overseas credit card( I am from toronto). This is the reason they told me...they no longer accept overseas credit it true? Please help me so I can fight with them...they held all my credit but told me this stupid reason...I really hate it...just like all of you..stayed up late during 4 days sale period...and now I am so pissed...all supervisor said to me is..."WE CAN'T"...I felt so upset...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. do you mean international?
    I know that for international customers, we have to order by phone!
  3. yeah~I normally ask them to send to states, because my family is still in states. I will use my own credit card which is from canadian company...I am allowed to order it online, as long as you provide them your details on phone. But they told me in a sudden that they no longer take overseas' card...(because they canceled all my orders) so...just wondering if any of you use overseas' card?
  4. I have ordered successfully with NM with my credit card and I live in DUBAI. It took a while for them to figure out how to go about verifying everything for me but finally (after several cancelled orders) I had an online chat with an extremely helpful lady named Roxanne Borden who ironed out all the kinks. Although i had my orders delivered to my aunt in NY, I do believe there shouldnt be any difficulty ordering from them as both the chloes that I bought were processed during the sale period (not the 4 day sale, but the days prior).
    i hope this helps!;)
  5. thanks abi:tup:. I will talk to them see what is the deal here then. I guess they would probably not want to help me process my orders...:crybaby:...that's why canceled on me.
  6. International customers can either order over the phone or through their live chat method. I'm not sure about the international credit card because I use my US Debit card when I'm buying from US online shops so I don't have to pay international fees and conversion fees. But I'm sure they would be able to accommodate you!
  7. RE: credit card charges. It does depend on which credit card you're using but I'm usually charged like £1 per international transaction with mine. That being said, I do need to check that in order to confirm to you but I doubt the charges will be much higher?
  8. They do accept international cc's, but you *have* to place your order by telephone, fax or online chat. No regular online orders. They will cancel your online orders every time.
  9. I did manage to get an order processed (the silverado hobo bag already shipped!) and that was an online order. My other order was done via online chat. If they managed to do it for me, i suppose they can do it for anyone. Just try and get them to fix the kinks the first time and the online orders should be okay next time!;)
  10. I live In Toronto & just placed 3 orders with NM last week, I haven't encountered any problems, when ordering do it through online chat