anyone from NYU?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm interning this summer in NYC and I'm planning on staying at NYU summer housing. Can anyone suggest which halls are good? I wanna stay in an apartment style and I believe these are the choices I have: coral towers, lafayette street residence, third ave. north, water street and second street. Would really2 appreciate any inputs from NYU students. And also, which of the above halls are nearest to 60 east, 42nd street? Thanks so much in advance!:flowers::tender:
  2. hey hey heyyyy, I didnt go to NYU but a ton of my friends did.. actually I was just down there today to help with student recruiting for my company..

    Anyhoo, my friends live in Laff Street residences and they like it... Water and Second street are tiny
  3. Hey! I might be doing the same thing! are the prices for summer housing cheaper? We should meet up if I end up going to NY :smile:
  4. Well, it's been a long time since I have been at NYU, but I used to live in Alumni Hall, and those were singles, if you don't want to share a room with someone.
  5. I go to NYU but I do not dorm, however my friend dorms at 3rd North and it's pretty nice there. Water Street is also not bad.
  6. kissmedeadly: thanks for the recs

    Balenciaga: do let me know if you end up going to NY. we should definitely meet! yes it is going to be way cheaper than renting an apartment. I tried looking for one they are more than 1k unfurnished.

    titania:I don't think alumni hall is offered for summer?

    i:heart:: thanks for the recs

    BTW, are these halls near 60E 42nd street? or are they at least near a subway? Thanks so much for replying I really appreciate it:cutesy:
  7. Hi...i might be applying to NYU early decision this fall. Does anyone know if you mark - not need of housing - if that will increase your chance of acceptance?
  8. ^ that won't be a factor at all.