Anyone from Norway?

  1. Just thought it would be nice to start a thread for all those who live in Norway:yahoo:.
  2. Vlad or Megs, would appreciate it very much if you could move this thread... Didn't realize i posted it on the LV Reference Library. Thanks!
  3. Hello!
  4. Awesome! Hi Liberté! Do you live near Oslo?
  5. Yes, in fact I do. Also check out the old and closed Copenhagen meet thread. Sweetlove is also a norwegian member here and I know there are others as well! :tup:
  6. That's so nice to know:yahoo:. I sure hope that we could all meet someday:smile:...
  7. Hi! Where do u live in Oslo?
  8. Hi Stila! Just right outside Oslo... near Ski:smile:.
  9. Nice to meet you:biggrin:
  10. Nice to meet you, too!:smile: Do you often go to the LV store here?
  11. I went there pretty much a lt past year, but I'm not planning to as much before christmas. There's just not that much I would like anymore and they aren't really getting the stuff I want.
  12. I bet you have lots of lv already:smile:. Anyways , just an FYI... they do have new stuff there now and more stuff are coming in tomorrow. You might want to check it out:smile:.